Friday, February 28, 2014


Hi! I'm an extremely effeminate crossdresser, and I NEVER get enough cum! I hang out at adult video arcades dressed in skimpy halter tops, short-shorts, minidresses, and high heels, where I solicit men for sex. You wouldn't believe how many "happily married" men stop off at these places to get a blowjob from a sexy little sissy like me. I always laugh inside when I'm down on my knees, a man's hard cock in my mouth, and I see his wedding ring, glinting in the dim light.
And how many times, after I've sucked a man off, his cum in my belly, have I heard him say, "I wish my wife would do that."
Well, ladies, I know most of you don't want to suck your man's cock, much less swallow his cum! Whereas I will kneel at his feet, play with his big hairy legs, and give him an awesome blowjob, sucking his cock AND his balls, even eating out his asshole, until he shoots his nut into my cum hungry mouth.
I have sex with an average of 15 men a night when I'm at the adult arcade. I take a man into a private video booth, strip nude to just high heels, and suck him off. Ladies, some of your husbands like to get naked too, and, guess what? Some of them want more than just a blowjob; yes! They want to fuck me too!
So, you might think that 15 loads of cum in 4 hours would be enough - right? Well it isn't. For every load of hot gobble I savor in my mouth before swallowing, I immediately crave another. It's a never ending thirst!
Some cum tastes sweet, some is bitter, some tastes like baking soda, and some even taste nasty. But this little bitch swallows them all. I sometime look up at a man, just after he has filled my mouth with his cum, and open my mouth to show him his oyster, then I swallow it in front of him!
Then, you know what else I do, ladies? I keep a rag that I use to clean off your husband's cock. Men LOVE that! I learned that from my ex wife from the Dominican Republic, who learned that trick in a brothel. Down there the man is King. That's how I treat my lovers - like they are Kings.   

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I was married for 3 years before I finally got caught. It happened when my wife went through my notebooks and found all the gay fantasies I had been writing about. The story she found was one I had just written. It was about a young guy who applies for a modeling job at a gay magazine called TORO. In the story, The young guy goes to the modeling session, where he poses nude for the publisher/photographer and his wife. Later, the publisher, a big hairy muscleman in his late 40s, comes in and seduces the young model, and they end up making love while the man's wife watches. The twink falls madly in love with the Bull, and can't stop talking about his lover's "big, hairy arms and hairy legs".

Well, Eileen found the story and confronted me. She was in a rage, screaming and calling me names like "queer", and "faggot" At first I adamantly denied that I was gay, attributing the story as fiction. But then some thought, some devil, entered my head and whispered:
"Now's your chance! Take it! You know what you are, what you've always been. Take your freedom - now!"
So I admitted to my wife that yes, I AM gay and I want a divorce. I packed a few things - just the bare minimum - I was determined to start my new life with as few encumberences as possible. It was summer, so I put on my skimpiest pair of shorts and a yellow tank top. I wanted to look gay! All the while Eileen was raging at me, crying, cursing. I packed in silence and headed for the door. I turned to look at Eileen. "Goodbye", I said.
Suddenly Eileen threw me a curve. She ran up to me sobbing and begging my forgiveness. She told me that she was sorry and that she believed my alibi about the fiction. This made this much more complicated! I could stay. Stay with my wife, where it was safe, where she loved me - and let the status quo continue. Eileen w ascrying, but I walked out on her because nothing was going to stand in my way ever again! I was determined to have my freedom as a homosexual.
I went straight to the gay bar that I had been dreaming about and went in. I had passed this place so many times, fantasizing about what went on in there, masturbating to these fantasies in the bathroom, while Eileen was asleep. I took a deep breath and went inside. The gay bar was in a ghetto area of the city and I was only there a short time before men began hitting on me. This hot black guy told the others to get lost and he bought me a fruity drink. He asked me what I had in the bag, and I told him what had happened; that my wife had busted me with gay porn and we had a big fight. I told him that I made up my mind to quit lying to her and just demand my freedom.
I was wearing the tank top and short shorts, and the black guy - his name was Jacen - began kissing on my back and neck! I felt so sexy! And so FREE!! Free to be the feminine homosexual that I always knew that I was!
Jacen kept telling me how sexy I was and how much he like caucasian sissies. He bent his head and suddenly we were kissing. I was kissing a MAN! A gorgeous hunk of black muscle! Jacen was SO handsome - and he wanted ME!! I moved my hand to his athletic shorts and felt his boner through the material. OMG!! So HUGE, and so HARD! It felt so fuckin' HAWT to be making out with another man in PUBLIC! And to think - less than 4 hours ago, I was living with my wife, no idea that she was gonna go through my notebooks and confront me like that! No idea that in less than 4 hours my marriage would be over and I would be in a gay bar 2 miles away, making out with a black man in public!
Then a latina came by and was glaring at us. She made some remarks to Jacen, but he ignored her. I asked Jacen why she was giving us dirty looks and he told me that she was a tranny named Carla, and that they used to be a couple. Jacen told me that his apartment was in the building next door. He suggested that we go there to have some privacy. As we left the bar a few people whistled, and I heard a woman yell out, "PUTA!" I knew it was it was Carla, but I didn't care! I felt so safe with Jacen!
I followed Jacen out of the bar and to a brick apartment building next door. Jacen lived on the third floor. It was a warm night, almost dark. As soon as we were in the living room Jacen was all over me, kissing on me and practically tearing my clothes off. When I was nude he picked me up in his strong arms and carried me into his bedroom. I remember thinking how that this was my fantasies coming true!
Jacen lay me gently on the bed and stripped naked in the dim light of the setting sun. He had a magnificent muscley body! Beautiful black muscles and a huge erect cock. It was standing straight up and completely rigid. It was ten inches of steel. He sat in a big leather chair, like a throne! "Come here, sissy",he said. I got off the bed and he said, "Uh uh. On your hands and knees. You crawl to me".
I obeyed him and crawled to him on my hands and knees. "What do you want, bitch?" he asked.
"I want to suck your cock," I said meekly.
"Then you beg me for it, sissy. I want to hear in your voice how badly you want this black cock".
"Pleeese!" I wanna suck your black cock SO bad!" I begged.
"Please what?" Jacen said.
"Please, Jacen!"

"Please DADDY!", Jacen said, irritated. I was squatting completely nude between Jacen's big meaty thighs as I prepared to perform my first blowjob.
I bowed my head so that my mouth was near the head of Jacen's hardon. I had never sucked cock before, but I had seen enough porn, dreamed about doing so many times - especially when Elaine and I were having sex. YES! - I fantasized about sucking guys off when I was having sex with my beautiful wife!
I planted wet kisses on the black plum of Jacen's dick, before filling my mouth with warm saliva and engulfing the head into my mouth. Jacen moaned in pleasure and I felt his hand cupping the back of my bobbing skull as I pleasured him. All sorts of thoughts were running through my head: 'Is this what it means to be a queer? I am a faggot now!'
I was really getting in to the blowjob now, running my wet mouth up and down the shaft of his cock, like I was eating an ear of corn! Tonguing his big hairy black balls and sucking them into my mouth, sucking his cock as deep as I could - until I retched! Jacen loved the noise of my retching. It seemed to get him even more horny! He leaned forward and reached out to feel my bare ass. "Stand up, sissy," he said, taking my arm and raising me to my feet. "Turn around, I wanna see that ass!"
One thing I knew was that I had a nice ass - one that did not belong on a guy. I also had a nice little set of tits that no guy should have either. I had always been ashamed of these - defects. But now I was considering them to be assets!
Jacen told me to dance, so I began rotating my bare hips, wiggling my buttocks. Jacen's hands were feeling my ass, and he was running his hands up and down my bare, smooth legs. "Mmmm, mmmm, MMM! Ain't a hair on that white ass!" He said in a loud voice. "Soft as silk and sweet as shugah!"
Jacen stood up and pressed the front of his body to the back of my sissy body. His hands went under my arms and cupped my tits. "You got some nice knockas, bitch", he whispered in my ear. His strong fingers were pinching my nipples - hard! I began to squirm in pain, but I was also getting a hardon. I liked it! The pain, the dominion of another man over me! He was kissing on the back of my neck and nibbling on my ear lobes, his stiff cock was pressed up against my bare buttocks. I reached back and squeezed it near the base, and he groaned in pleasure! "Wanna fuck you, baby!" he said, picking me up in his big strong arms like I weighed nothing, and carrying me into his bedroom.
He laid me gently on his bed and covered me with his muscular body. We were tongue kissing, making out, and I kept choking his cock with my hand. He put his thick middle finger to my mouth, so that I could coat it with my saliva, and he started finger banging my hole "Fuck me, daddy!" I begged.
"I got a tub of grease in the bathroom", he told me. "Go on an' fetch it to me, sissy." I got out of the bed to get the grease. "Walk sexy!" he said. "Yeah, that's it - wiggle that white ass fo you daddy!" He was laying back on the pillows, playing with his dick as he watched me in the dim light. I felt like a real whore as I walked back to the bed carrying the vaselino!
I got back in bed and we began making out again. This time Jacen scooped out a finger full of vaselino and began fingering my sex hole. It made me so fuckin' HORNY! Elaine was totally forgotten! All I cared about was this! Suddenly Jacen got on top of me, pushing my legs up over his shoulders. "Jacen", I said, "I don't think I'm ready - maybe..."
But he wasn't listening. He was covering me now, his cock pushing up against the mouth of my greasy anus. "Daddy - is it gonna hurt?" I whimpered.
"It gonna hurt, gonna hurt plenty." he said. I tried with all my might to squirm out from under him, but he was way too strong. I was in an immpossible position, my legs up over his broad shoulders. This had the effect of lifting my buttocks up slightly, and leaving my anus completely unprotected. "Gonna hurt GOOD!" he growled in my ear.
I was howling in agony as he raped me. I was screaming! It was a warm night, and the windows were open, and I knew people on the city streets below could hear my screams. But no one cared. Except for Jacen. And the sounds of my screaming only served to make him hornier. I had never had a cock up my ass before - now I had 12 inches of rigid cock, balls deep inside of me. My bare skinny legs were up on Jacen's buff shoulders, and the weight of his big body on mine had me pinned and unable to move.
When he cherried me Jacen had been uncompromising, steadily feeding his hard cock inch by inch into my naked anus - until he was balls deep. Only then did he stop, and he just lay on me, kissing on my neck and ears. I stopped crying because his kisses felt good! Then I realized - so did his cock! It didn't hurt now! Jacen's mouth found mine and we began making out. I could feel my dick getting hard, and Jacen began to fuck me - slowly at first - all the way out - all the way back in. I began whimpering in lust as he quickened the tempo, his hot kisses all over my ears, neck, and tits. His mouth felt so good on my tits! He was pounding on me now - his balls slapping up against the cheeks of my bare nalgas. He was breathing heavily and moaning in hawt sex pleasure. Suddenly he buried his cock deep into my ass, stiffened, and shouted out in pleasure as he emptied his balls inside of me - hot cum spurting deep into my guts.
Later, we cuddled naked in each other's arms, and I heard him sleeping. All kinds of things were running through my head. This is what it feels like to be a faggot, I thought. I am a faggot now - a queer. I was disgusted with myself. I lay there naked in his - in my man's - arms, and I knew that now I belonged to him, that I was his woman - his faggot - his bitch.
Call me "she", "her", "ella". Why? Well, because I'm a woman, silly! I know, I'm not a real woman, but I might as well be. Wanna be bitch. I had gotten my cherry popped by a REAL man!