Thursday, June 19, 2014


That's what happened to me in the county jail, before I even got to state prison. They really didn't need to hog tie me in the cell, I had already been turned out as a sissy, and was willingly giving guys blow jobs and having them fuck me in the ass. They tied me up for the humiliation factor. I was hog tied, like a piece of white meat on a bunk in a cell, while the black and Latinos stepped up and skull fucked my mouth, ejaculating into my throat.

I got my cherry popped by a black guy in a video booth of an adult bookstore. I had been going there for several weeks, sucking men off in the booths. I had begun stripping down nude and wearing high heels and lipstick and sucking men off. A lot of guys had expressed the desire to fuck me in the ass, but up until then had been scared. I was afraid of the pain - even though I was constantly dreaming about having guys fuck me. I would think about it all day, going crazy! I couldn't wait until my wife left for work! One night I stopped off at another adult bookstore, closer to where I lived, and bought a tube of Anal-Eze. Then I drove to my favorite adult bookstore.
As usual I got a booth, took off all my clothes, put on my high heels, applied some red lipstick, and unlocked the door. I raised my legs and put a big gob of Anal-Eze on my rectum, working it in with my fingers. I had SUCH a hardon! Over the next hour I sucked 4 guys off. Then this one REALLY cute black guy came into my booth, and something told me that he was gonna be the one. He took off all of his clothes except for his basketball shoes. He had a big cock - at least 10 inches - and bone hard, standing straight up! I got down on my knees at his feet and began to suck his dick. It was so big and HARD and I ran my whorish mouth up and down the length of it, like an ear of corn! I licked his balls and sucked them into my mouth. Well, that's when I knew I was bout to get fuck, because he leaned forward to feel up my bare buttocks. His big hands felt good as he cupped my nalgas. He took my arm. "Stand up, sissy", he said. "Lemme see that ass."
I obeyed him, wiggling my hips. "That ass does NOT belong on a guy," he said. "Those titties either."
"You wanna fuck me?" I asked over my shoulder. He came up on me his body on mine. His hands were fondling my tits and he was kissing on my ears and neck. I could feel his hardon laying on my buttocks. I reached behind me and squeezed his cock, choking it near the base. I was a little nervous, but I knew that if I ever wanted to feel like a real woman, I had to start sometime.
"I want that pussy, baby", he growled in my ear. There was hardcore rap music playing on the overhead as he put his cock to the mouth of my rectum, and began to push it in. There was a little discomfort as it popped in, but not much. The ANAL-EZE was working! I finally had a cock up my ass! This was all I ever wanted from the time I was 12 or 13 years old - to be fucked by a big, masculine MAN!
He worked that hard black cock up my ass until he was balls deep. Then he began to fuck me with long, slow strokes, his hands all over my bare body. AIII, Si BUGARRON!! He took me in his big strong arms and began to really fuck me hard, his balls slapping up against the backs of my thighs. He had me in a head lock! I put my dainty hands up on his knotty forearm as he raped me in that booth. Suddenly he tensed and I felt his cock jumping in my belly as spurt after spurt he filled my belly with his semen. Slowly he eased his still hard cock from my rectum and I remember thinking how it felt so good - like taking a hard constipated shit! You know that feeling? When you take a hard shit - how good it feels coming out? That's how his black cock felt as it eased out of my greasy anus! I turned and dropped to my sissy knees on the bare hard floor, and took his naked boner in my mouth, cleaning it good with my mouth and tongue! Then I grabbed some napkins from the bench and cleaned my saliva off his penis. "Didja like it, honey?" I asked, looking up at him, eager to please.
He looked down at me and patted my cheek. "Yeah, that was good, sissy! That pussy was TIGHT!"
      I smiled to myself. I didn't tell him that he had been the ONE! You know, girls, the ONE you never forget - the man who cherried you! After he left I got fucked 3 more times that night by different men. That was on a Wednesday night. By Sunday I had gotten ass fucked by over 20 men, and then I gave up tryna count them.
The cute Caucasian teen cocked his buttocks up on the motel bed. He was lying face down on the bed, completely naked, and he was trying to get his boyfriend's attention by wiggling his nalgas! He felt Butch's big hand cupping his buttocks and he smiled to himself. He was spread and he knew that Butch had a good view of everything! He gave his lover a sexy anus wink! He laughed silently when he heard Butch's deep voice groan in response, and caught his breath when he felt Butch's thick finger in his ass hole. Butch got on the bed, covering his sissy with his own big body. Steven Jeanne shivered when he felt a kiss on his back, and the feel of Butch's hard muscles on top of him. The big negro lay on top of his white sissy and wrapped his big muscles around him. Steven Jeanne could feel Butch's big hardon pressed on his buttocks. He knew that he was about to get fuck. Butch raised up and mounted the cute young sissy, his hardon at the mouth of Steven Jeanne's naked anus. Steven Jeanne wiggled his hips and caught his breath as the plum sized head of Butch's hard black cock pushed into his greasy anus. The sissy whimpered as the big black hardon worked slowly up inside of him - until Butch was inside, his hairy black nuts resting on Steven Jeanne's smooth white buttocks. Then Butch began to fuck his Caucasian puta, slowly at first but then with increasing ardor until he was slamming - flesh slapping against flesh - the headboard pounding against the wall, accompanied by the sissy's shrill screams. Suddenly the big negro tensed and shouted out in a loud voice as he nutted in Steven Jeanne's bare anus, filling the little faggot's guts with his seed. Later, Steven Jeanne sat at the dressing table, teasing up his blonde hair, using LOTS of hairspray. He applied some fresh red lipstick to his full lips, his eyes colored with green eyeshadow. He was excited because Butch was bringing him to a gay nightclub tonight - it was tranny night - and Butch told the youngster they could make a lot of money there

So I was on my knees, suckin’ this guy’s cock, and he asks me, “Where did you learn to suck cock like that?”
“I been suckin’cock since I was 12 years old,” I told him. “So I’ve had LOTS of practice, honey.” I told him.
“Get out!” he said. “Serious?” So I made up this whole story about how when I was 12, my mom’s black boyfriend, Junior, caught me in a pair mom’s high heels, some of her lipstick – and nothing else. Instead of being angry he told me how sexy I was and he took me in his arms and kissed me, placing my right hand on the bulge in his basketball shorts. “You ever suck cock, Stevie?” he asked me.
I shook my head shyly. “Not yet.” I said. “But I seen girls doin’ it in porno movies.” Junior took my hand and led me into his and mom’s bedroom. He took the remote and started a porno. It was of a petite blonde girl giving a huge black guy a blowjob. Junior stripped off his tank top and told me to take his shorts off. What a gorgeous black body! All hard muscles and tattoos!
I knelt to obey him, hooking my thumbs in the waistband of his shorts, pulling them down.“Draws, too, Stevie,” he ordered. I pulled his jockeys down, freeing his 10inch cock! It was so big and really rigid – big as the actor in the porno. There was a large bead of semen forming on the head of his dick – it looked like a pearl. Instinctively my tongue flicked out to lap it up. “Kiss it, Stevie – kiss on the haid, sissy!”
I planted a big juicy kiss on the head of his cock, and then took it into my mouth and began blowing him. He moaned loudly in his deep bass voice – so manly! – as I engulfed his hard cock deep into my mouth. I began sucking him, just like I had seen so many women do. And now I was the woman! Just like them! Just like I had dreamed about. I sucked and licked his cock from balls to tip, slavering on it like it was a big ear of corn!
Junior had really big, powerful thighs – hard like iron! As I blew him I ran my dainty little hands all over those big hairy LEGS! He LOVED that! He told me to get down and suck his balls – he had HUGE balls! They were hanging above my face as I opened wide sucking one at a time into my mouth. It felt SO fuckin’ HAWT to have a pair of hairy balls in my mouth. I had him by the balls! I had the Bull by the balls!
He turned and spread his buttocks. “Eat that ass, bitch!” he ordered me. I hungrily obeyed him, pushing my pale, white face into his anus, tongue flicking, lips sucking –gnawing on his rectum. I ate his ass hole until my jaws were numb. Suddenly he turned and thrust his cock back into my mouth, pushing it deep – so deep I was retching. He had one large hand under my chin, and the other on the back of my skull, holding my head immobile, working his black cock down my throat, balls deep, so that my nose was pressed to his pubis – and I felt warm semen filling my throat – as he ejaculated with a loud yell.
Gradually he relaxed the hold on my head and slowly withdrew his cock. “Clean it off, sissy– use that mouth” he said. I hungrily licked his still hard penis clean, squeezing it near the base to milk out every last drop of his Negro cum juice.
Later, as we cuddled nude in my mom’s bed, He asked me if I had enjoyed it. “Yes, Junior,” I said.
DADDY –he told me – “From now on you call me DADDY!”
“Yes, Daddy!” I repeated, my face on his bare chest, my nose inhaling the musk from his armpits.
That's the story I told my trick in the booth at the adult arcade. As I was suckin' him off I'd pause periodically to tell him more titillating details of my life. Like when I was sent to prison at age 17, and turned out by the black inmates as a prison "woman", made to wear lipstick and eyeshadow, and wear tank tops cut and sewn to fit like a tight short dress, shorts and halter tops, and forced to whore for a big black bully, who pimped my white sissy ass out to all the negro men on the cell block!

Hunky men having naked homosexual love! Big naked muscleman, about 40, on top of a smooth young 15 year old twink, his big cock up the young faggot's ass in the back room of a noisy gay bar! I want to be young, just starting out, and get on my knees naked and give big grown men hot bareback blowjobs! I want to be in the hot, sweaty dark arcade, giving nude blowjobs and letting big men fuck me in the video booths. Shaved his legs and then "he" was a "she"!! I love being queer! it's so fucking SEXY! Last weekend a guy throat fucked me so hard! Finally he shoved his cock as far down my throat as he could. I was retching, choking, and gagging. I tried to back my head out but he held the back of my head so strongly that I couldn't even move an inch, because he had my chin in one hand and the back of my skull in the other and then he ejaculated all of his semen deep into my throat. Before I sucked his cock he made me stand and display my ass, and he slapped my bare buttocks - HARD! Sugar plum faery nevah once gave it away - made the big men pay and pay - plucked his eyebrows along the way - shaved his legs and then HE was a SHE!