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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Street Walking Sissy Boy!

My black buggaron is from Puerto Rico. He brings me to the adult arcade every afternoon around 3 pm. This arcade is located in a large complex that houses a strip club, 2 adult arcades, a gay bathhouse, and a gay nightclub. Usually I'm wearing butt baring short shorts, a bikini top or halter top, and high heels. Once we pay the 5 bucks to get into the back he walks me straight to booth # 11. He opens the door and I go inside. There I take off all of my clothes except for my high heels and my black 2-piece string bikini. I hand everything to Jose. He stuffs it into a plastic bag. The only thing I'm allowed to keep is my little clutch purse, in which I keep my lipstick, condoms, and lube. Then he takes my arm and pulls me close to him and kisses me on the mouth. We kiss for a minute and I can feel my dick getting hard. But I have to work so Jose tells me, "I be back in an hour to check on you, girl."I nod. "Ima make you some money, daddy." I always call him either 'daddy', or 'papi'. All putas call the man who owns them 'daddy'. I'm an expert at getting men off with my mouth. I almost never spit, because men enjoy it more when you drink their cum.

I know that when it gets dark, Jose will come back to check on me. If it's slow in the arcade, he takes me up to the road in back of the complex, where a lot of men park, looking for sex. A lot of putas work the street up there, because that's where the truckers park.

Last night was a so so night. In between 3 pm and 7 pm I sucked 6 guys off. When Jose came to check on me at 7 he was pissed off because all I had made was a hundred bucks. I try to make him understand that it's hard to get these guys to pay because lots of guys are sucking cock in there for free. But sometimes Jose won't listen and I ain't about to argue too much because he has a temper, and he already pissed off about the money. So he gave me back my short shorts and said, "Put it on - we goin up to the street in back."

I quickly stepped into the shorties and followed Jose out of the arcade and into the parking area. He pointed up to the street behind the complex. "I been up there," he said. "Theys lots of cars and some rigs up there tonight. Now go haid and get me my money."

This time he didn't kiss me, just gave me a hard stare - which I seen before - just before I got my ass beat. I walked up the alley to the street. There are a lot of pot holes and stuff, and it makes it harder to walk when you're wearing high heels. When I got to the street I looked back. Jose was smoking a cigarette and talking to another black guy named Butch. If Butch was down there it meant that his ho, Carla, was out on the stroll too. Great, more competition for me if she was.

I walked down the street, which was lined on both sides with cars and trucks. There were a few rigs parked too. Most of the vehicles were occupied. Then I saw one of the rigs quickly flash his lights. I walked to where it was parked. The trucker was sitting with the window rolled down, smoking a cigarette. I smiled at him and he smiled back. "lookin' for company, sweetie?" I asked him.

He looked at me. How much?" he asked

I smiled and ran my tongue over my lips. "It depends on what you want," I answered.

"Ok, he said. "How much for a blowjob?"

"Fourty," I said adding, "a hundred for everything, but no more than a half hour."

"Get in," he said, nodding toward the passenger door. He opened the door and held out his hand. I put my little hand in his and he pulled me up into the rig. The first thing I noticed was that his pants were down and his dick was hard. He saw me looking so he flexed his cock. "You want that, baby?"

"Yeah, sure I do," I said. "You got the 20?"

He handed me a twenty dollar bill and I bent over to kiss his cock. "Take that off," he said, pulling on the strap of my bikini top. I stripped off naked and he whistled. "You got a fine ass body, bitch. Look at those tits! You on hormones?" I nodded. "Been in the joint, right?" He ran his rough hands over my body, feeling my ass, the other hand pinching on my tits.

I got down on the floorboard between his hairy legs and began sucking his cock, first running my tongue around the head, then filling my mouth with saliva and engulfing his erect cock into my mouth. After a few minutes I heard him mumble, "Cops." Sure enough they shined a light into his face. He rolled down his window and told them he was just resting before getting back on the road. All the time I was crouched naked between his legs, sucking his cock and balls. The cops left and we got back into the blowjob in a serious way. His hand was playing with my bare buttocks. "I wanna fuck you," he said in a whisper.

"It’s 80 more to fuck," I reminded him. He reached down and pulled some bills from his pocket and counted out 4 more twenties. I put them in my clutch purse.

"Let's go in the sleeper," he said. We crawled into the sleeper and he took off all of his clothes. He was about 6 feet tall, a lot of muscles and tattoos, and he had a shaved head. He pulled me close and he kissed me. I opened my mouth and took his tongue into my mouth. Kissing like this always makes my dick hard. I was getting really horny. As we made out I was playing with his hardon and balls. He pushed my head down between his hairy legs and I began blowing him again, sucking his cock and nuts. He was loving it! He raised his legs and I sniffed his anus. It smelled pretty clean so I began eating out his hairy asshole. He went nuts! Suddenly he said, "Ok, baby, turn around, get on your knees."

He mounted me from behind, kissing on my neck and chewing my ears. His hard dick was near my anus. I reached down behind me through my legs and grabbed his dick, guiding to the mouth of my ass hole. He was like an animal! His dick was SO fuckin' HARD! He had a good thick 8 inches and he worked it into me until it was balls deep inside of me. His strong hands were pinching on my titties as he began fucking me with long, slow strokes. I could feel his legs shaking and his entire body tensed. Then he relaxed. "Didja cum, sweetie?" I asked him.

"Yeah," he said, out of breath. Slowly he eased his greasy penis out of my ass. We got dressed and got back into the cab. "Honey," I said. "Could you give me another 20?"

He immediately pulled another 20 from his pocket. "Here, it was worth it," he said. He kissed me goodbye and I was back out on the street. I looked at my phone. Almost 8 pm. I knew it was going to be a long night because Jose wasn't going call it quits until at least 2 am.

Dear Diary! Oh MY!

Tonight I had 6 men! First was a guy who told me he likes to cross dress. I gave him a really nice blow job and swallowed his cum.
Second was a guy I call the Cuban. I don't know if he's really Cuban or not - he's a white guy with an accent. His dick was rigid and stood straight up and I sucked his cock and balls until he ejaculated into my mouth and I swallowed his cum.
Third was my Bull. As usual, I blew him and he fucked me in the ass and came inside of me.
Fourth was an older guy. I blew him and then he fucked me and shot a load inside of me.
Fifth was a negro. He saw me outside of booth 11 and he was really interested in my look. He told me to turn around and he was delighted when he saw my ass. He took me into the booth and raped me as soon as the door was closed. He had a 9 inch cock and he had it in me fast. He fucked me really good and after about a minute he told me "Oh, baby, don't make me cum", but I kept babbling sexy filth and when he tried to pull out I pushed back until that thick cock was balls deep in my ass and he shouted out as he ejaculated deep into my guts.
Sixth was a really manly guy who was fascinated with my tits. He asked me if I was on hormones and I told him I was. He said he love shemales and ladyboys, and man, he was all over me! He was like a rapist, sucking on my tits, his rough hands all over my ass and bare legs. I gave him a blow job and I sucked his balls for a long time and he was loving it. He told me to stand and I felt his dick on my buttocks. "You want to fuck me, don't you?" I said. "Go ahead and fuck me, I know you want to! Go ahead honey." He sat down and told me to sit on his dick. I did it and when he was inside he stood up and fucked me bowlegged. When he came I laughed to myself because I was thinking that he was the fourth man in a row to bareback my anus! Ha, Ha, Ha!

Sexy Filipina Cuckolds White Husband!!

      Terri went out with JJ! He was a black buff guy who was a local MMA fighter. He drove a black Mustang and liked to wear shirts with the sleeves cut off - to show off his big tattooed arms! All the young blonde girls were on his jock, but he had the eyes for Terri. She kept protesting to him that she was married, but JJ could care less - he had a thing for Asian cunt. When I found out from her about JJ, I was outraged. She told me that he had asked her to blow him. When she saw how pissed off I was, she backtracked and said he was only joking.
       I mean obviously there was nothing a skinny little white guy like me could do about it. I knew that JJ could kick my punk ass anytime he wanted. His muscley arms were bigger than my LEGS! So I talked a lot of shit to Terri, and I know she wouldn't have fucked him if I had just left it at that; she still had some respect for me as a man and a husband at that point. But then when I got horny, I would bring him up and talk about him when we were having sex. 
      She told me later that the first time they had sex was when JJ told her to stay when the others left. He told her he wanted to work with her and show her some holds. He got her from behind in a hold so strong she was helpless to move. JJ told her that the hold was called, "The Rear Naked Choke." He relaxed his grip and released her. When she turned she saw that JJ was completely naked! She told me that he had a totally GORGEOUS hunky body! All hard black muscles, dark cocoa brown skin - and a HUGE hard cock! It was 12, fuckin' INCHES! I'm not gonna lie, when she told me this, I got so excited I popped a nut right there!
JJ told Terri to take off all her clothes. She stripped down nude and JJ put her back in the Rear Naked Choke. This time Terri relaxed in his big strong arms, as she felt his cock near her vagina, and then enter the mouth of her wet cunt. She whimpered, unable to move, as JJ worked that hard black meat, inch by inch into her naked cunt. And he wasn't wearing a rubber! The feel of his huge cock in her tight vagina, plus being held immobile in the muscular choke hold, made Terri feel SO fuckin` SUBMISSIVE! Although she had fucked a LOT of men before our marriage, this was her first black man. Now she knew what women meant when they said, "Once you go black you'll never go back."
      Terri knew that from then on she was going to be a black man's woman - even if JJ dumped her - she would never go back to white guys - and certainly not that skinny excuse of a man, like me! It wasn't just because black men have those big, stiff cocks - although that was definitely a plus - but also because they are so hyper masculine and dominant! Terri is an extremely feminine girlie-girl type, but she is strong willed and can be pushy and bitchy to her husband. She had been with strong, dominant men before, and she had found the sex with them to be the BEST! But she had never been with a male like JJ. He was so masculine that he brought out the total WOMAN in her! Once she told me that she liked harsh, dominant men, because they brought the girly girl out in her. No woman truly likes being the boss, and when they end up with a weak guy they can push around, they lose respect for him quickly.
One night Terri called and said that JJ had asked her to go with him to a local bar for a drink. This is before I found out they had been fucking at his dojo. I told her it was ok - just one drink. I went into our room and masturbated several times, thinking about Terri and JJ having sex.
 Terri didn't get home until almost 5 a.m. She was acting really guilty, and I could tell she was lying through her whore teeth when she told me that nothing had happened. I looked at her panties in the morning, while she was sleeping, and they were crusted with a LOT of dried cum.
The next night, when we were in bed, I got Terri to admit that she had gone to JJ's house and that they had had sex - 5 times! I asked her if JJ had a big cock, and she gave me that look like yeeAH! She held up her arm and told me that JJ's hardon was as big as her forearm. She told me that JJ LOVED getting blowjobs. In our entire marriage, Terri had never sucked MY cock. She told me it wasn't her thing! But now she was suckin' this nigga's black cock, and bragging about it! And I also got it out of her that JJ loves anal sex!

         I picked out a sexy pair of tight butt baring short shorts and a skimpy halter top for Terri to wear on her first date with JJ. I advised her on how to do her hair and makeup, and what shade of lipstick to wear, and a very sexy pair of 6 inch spiked high heels. Then we picked out a pair of sexy hoop earrings and a gold bangle, and a cute little ankle bracelet that had an Ace of Spades charm that signified that she only goes black. Little did we know, but within a month the charm would be replaced with a prominent tattoo on her ankle of the ace of spades, and the words, "black owned," written in cursive underneath. I teased up and sprayed her hair with LOTS of hairspray! She was wearing the cute little Frederick's of Hollywood black silk shorty robe, and a pair of feathery high heeled slippers, as I beautified her.
      Once her hair and makeup were done, I did her nails. I chose a frosted orange color to match her lipstick. About 20 minutes before she had to leave I assisted her to get dressed for the date. We were undecided as to what kind of panties she should wear, or even whether or not she should even wear panties!! After some discussion we decided on a pair of black string, "barely there" panties that wouldn't spoil the effect of the ripped jeans short shorts. Then she pulled on the short and, my God! They looked almost like skin, that's how tight they were! It was so sexy the way they exposed her butt cheeks! Then the bandana spandex halter top and the high heels. She looked in the mirror and said, "Oh my God - I look like a WHORE!" She looked at me. "Is it too much, honey?" she asked, biting a corner of her lower lip and staring at herself in the mirror.
      "Oh NO, Sweetie," I said, my dick hard in my shorts "You look so SEXY! JJ is just gonna LOVE this look! Don't forget, you wanna dress to impress him, right?"
      She smiled at me and nodded her head. "Yeah," she said slowly. "I definitely wanna impress him." She pirouetted and picked up her purse and keys. "Gotta go, sweetie," she said, leaning in for a peck on the cheek. "Wish me luck,: she giggled nervously.
      I was so proud as I walked her to her car in the apartment parking lot, because I knew everyone was watching. I kissed her cheek and she left for her date! With handsome African-American hunk JJ!`
Pretty soon Terri was seeing JJ on a regular basis. She would drive to JJ’s crib and spend the night. After a few weeks they had a MMA event and JJ won! By then, Terri and JJ weren't even trying to be discreet. They were kissing and making out just like a couple. Later JJ invited the members of his dojo over to his crib for an after party. He had a nice place with a pool. Everyone was drinking. Terri was wearing a bikini, and JJ was picking her up and carrying her around the pool, letting everyone know that Terri was his woman! Everyone was talking. After everyone went home, Terri spent the night with JJ. Once I asked her if they used protection, and she told me that JJ doesn't like condoms. So they did it bareback. I told her to be careful and all she said was, "Why? He's clean. And anyway, I'm in love with him."
      But...what about PREGNANCY?? What if JJ made Terri PREGNANT?? "Make me pregnant, JJ!" Terri begged as she lay naked underneath her black lover. "Pleeese, honey - make me pregnant? I wanna carry your baby, honey - PLEEESE!”
Wow, Terri! JJ is so CUTE!  She even got me to admit how handsome JJ is one night. And when I admitted it to her, I felt like SUCH a FAGGOT! And of course I AM a faggot - and everyone knows it! Ha ha ha! People could never figure out what a hot Asian bitch like Terri was doing with a PIECE Of SHIT faggot like me!! Well, it was because she wanted to come to the states. She has good instincts, and she knew when I was scared to fuck her the first night we hooked up that I was probably gay. I could see the knowing smile on her face when I admitted to her that I thought JJ was cute! Terri had suspicions about me being gay from day one. And now that I had confirmed those suspicions, it was a relief to her, because now she felt that it was ok to have a boyfriend. Filipina women are like that - they'll stay with their husband even if they find out he's a queer, as long as they can have sex with whomever they want. After that she refused to have sex with me. One time, when I was bugging her for sex, she had a disgusted look and she said, "Wouldn't you rather have a man on you?" And then she laughed. I hung my head in shame. After that my relationship with Terri was no longer one of a husband and wife, but more like a relationship between sisters or girlfriends. I had always liked women's fashion and cosmetics, and now I would help Terri with her make up and advise her on sexy things to wear - like a sister would do. She would tell me about the things she and JJ did together in bed, and we would giggle like a couple of horny bitches!
      Since Terri had cut me off of sex with her, I had to content myself with masturbating to internet porn, and fantasizing about my pretty little wife, wriggling naked in the buff arms of her black boyfriend! I became seriously addicted to interracial straight porn, and I began to fantasize about what if I was a woman? Terri had this sexy Victoria Secrets black, silk shorty robe that she wore around the house. One night I was stroking my cock naked in front of the full-length mirror, and admiring my soft looking body. On impulse I put on the shorty robe and smeared my lips with one of my wife's lipsticks.
      After awhile it was out in the open, and JJ started coming by our apartment complex in his black Mustang to pick Terri up. He had a deep bass voice - really masculine. My voice was soft; I don't know how many times people have mistaken me on the phone for a woman because of my voice! I remember the first time JJ knocked at the door. Terri was still getting ready, so she told me to let him in. I was trembling in fear and - mostly - from embarrassment! Can you imagine, having to meet my wife's black boyfriend - face to face! I gathered all my courage and opened the door. My knees were shaking from a mixture of fear and embarrassment. I was smiling nervously, but he just looked at me as if I were a bug. "Where Terri at?," he said.
      "She's almost ready," I said. "Won't you come in?" I stepped aside as he entered our apartment. "Excuse the mess," I said, apologetically - like I was the wife!
      He came in and sat down. "Terri! You ready, girl?" He yelled out in that deep voice.
      "Almost, sweetie, Terri yelled from the bedroom. Kevin, get JJ something to drink!"
"Would you like a beer?" I asked him, meekly.
      "Nah, I'm coo," he said.
Then Terri came out, her face flushed. How do I look?" she asked. She had on a tiny little belly baring crop top, the skimpiest, butt baring cut off jeans short shorts, and 6 inch high heels, and a proud smile on her cute face. She looked like a whore! I could see the new tattoo she had on her neck - "JJ" in cursive lettering, And the "Queen of Spades" on her ankle, indicating that a black man owned her. These were her first tattoos, but not the last. Soon she would be covered with tats - just like any other black man's whore.
       And recently Terri had gone to the salon and had her hair peroxided blonde, then shaved to a quarter inch, so that her hair was like a black girl's. She looked SO fuckin WHORISH!
"Oooo-WEE!" JJ said. "You lookin' FINE, girl! C'mere lemme look atchyo ass!" He stood up and she ran to him and he cupped her ass in his huge black hands - right in front of me! And while he was doing it, they both looked at me. Terri laughed and said, "Enjoy the internet!"

Terri knew that I spent my evenings when she was out, jerking off to internet porn. She also knew that I liked to dress as a woman, and had stopped having sex with me entirely because she knew I was gay, even though I still denied it. She'd just laugh when I tried to deny it. What she didn't know was that, for several months now I had begun going to adult bookstores dressed as a woman, where I would solicit men for sex in the private video booths. How many nights, while kneeling bare ass naked on the filthy floor of a preview booth at some man's feet, my mouth full of hard cock, did I think of my wife and what she was doing with her black boyfriend? Or kneeling on the cheap torn vinyl bench, my bare ass cocked high, a man mounting me, his hard cock, balls deep into my gripping anus, did the thought of Terri and JJ float before my face?


Caucasian Sissy Comes Out To His Filipina Wife

       If there's anything more sexy and exciting for a closeted sissy than dreaming about being a woman on your knees getting ready to serve a big black muscleman, it's actually having the balls to go out there and make it a reality. It happened to me! I was married, to a hot sexy girly-girl Filipina. When we got married I was still trying to be in denial about my sexuality, but Terri picked up on what I was early on. She told me later that she made me for a faggot very early on in our marriage  I mean, our sex life was great - mainly because I would be fantasizing being with some macho black man when we were having sex.
     While I had never directly come out to Terri, I had subconsciously – and  - consciously been giving hints and cues for years. Sometimes Terri would prod me to “tell the truth,” and while I came close – always when we were having sex – I would always backtrack later and say that I was just going along with her “foolishness.”

Truth is, I wanted very badly to come out to Terri, but I was afraid that would be all she needed to justify leaving me for good. No one who knew me thought much of me as a man, and people openly asked her what she was doing with me. She would tell me all the time about those comments. She was absolutely gorgeous, a real girlie-girl, while I was as plain as they come and the word “masculine” would not be the word that came to mind when looking at me.
We had neighbors, Nancy and Ted, and while Terri made friends with Nancy – who was Filipina like her – Ted would have nothing to do with me. Ted was a man’s man, he liked football and hunting, stuff like that. Guys like him can sniff out a sissy from a mile away, and they avoid us like the plague. And even though Ted was everything a girl would want in a man, handsome, manly, etc., Nancy said he was a bum fuck and fucked around behind his back with her Filipino boyfriend. He didn’t have a clue though, but I laughed every time I saw him, thinking about Nancy sucking her hawt boyfriend’s cock, while Ted was at home, clueless, watching sports on television. At least I knew what my wife was doing when she went out!
      Right from the beginning, Terri had explained to me that Filipina women are promiscuous, and that it’s not uncommon for them to have a boyfriend even after they were married that was particularly true if they were married to Caucasian men; at some point a Filipina woman has urges to be with their own kind, and they usually will have sex with Filipino men. In our case, Terri had me read the minute she first talked to me. It took her a little while to figure out that I was a faggot, but she knew that I was fundamentally a weakling. After she began dating JJ, she began to suspect that I was gay, because I didn't object to her relationship, and also that I was always asking her about what her and JJ did in bed, and how big his dick was. That, combined with my general lack of masculinity was what made her realize what the deal was with me. A lot of times Nancy would come over and all three of us would hang out.
      We were doing that one evening when Terri got a call. It was JJ and he wanted to know if she could get out. Nancy and I told her to go ahead, that we’d hang out until she got back. Nancy had brought over a couple of bottles of White Zinfandel, so we cracked one and were just talking. Well, I’ve never been very good about being able to hold my alcohol, and next thing you know, Nancy had me blabbing like a brook. She wormed it out of me and I confessed to her that I was a Queen. So between 2 bottles of white zin and an entire box of Kleenix, I told her – everything – about Jay, about sneaking out to the adult book stores – everything! I had never admitted any of this to Terri, now here I was, coming out to Nancy. I was sobbing and begging her not to tell Terri. She promised me she wouldn’t, but I guess I really knew that she would. The alcohol had lowered my defenses, and, the fact, is, I wanted Terri to know! I was sick of living a lie. I realized that this was probably going to be enough for Terri to use as an excuse to dump me. Filipina women will stand by their marriage vows – even though they may cheat – but the one thing they won’t put up with is a husband who is a homosexual. 
      The first time it sorta came out in the open between us all was a couple of weeks later, during Halloween, and they suggested that I go as a woman - just for a joke. I resisted at first, and outright refused. But later, when I was alone, the idea began to intrigue me. I tried to bring it up to Terri later, and when I did I caught her giving me a look and smiling.
Halloween was a few days later, and that afternoon we all got together at our apartment to get into thier costumes. We were all drinking white zin and giggling. Nancy and Terri were going to dress as streetwalkers, And they asked me to do their make up. Somehow during the afternoon, Nancy jokingly put a wig on my shaved head. We all laughed then she put some lipstick on me. I protested weakly and before I knew it I was wearing a tight spandex minidress – supposedly all as a joke! That’s when Terri suggested that I dress up and come along with them. They were going to a club downtown that was known for having Tranny Nights, where cross dressers and trannies and their admirers made up the crowd. Every year they had a big Halloween party, and on that night everyone was welcome – straight, gay, shemale. I had consumed quite a bit of white zin, and I allowed the girls to “persuade” me to go along with their plans. So I sat there on a bar stool while they did my makeup and teased up my blonde wig. “But what about high heels?” I found myself asking. Without a word, Terri went into our bedroom and came back with the red 4 inch pumps I had been hiding in our closet. I blushed beet red. “You mean these, darling?” she said smirking. “Don’t worry, I found these when I was looking for my stuff a few months ago. It’s ok – lots of guys like to dress up!”
      Go ahead, Stevie, try them on!" Nancy squealed, sipping her wine. I looked over at Terri. “Go ahead, honey – it’s just for Halloween. It’s no big deal. People like Justin Timberlake does it all the time on television!” I was still wearing my shorts and t-shirt."Honey, let's try this dress on you," Terri said, holding up an impossibly tiny piece of spandex. It was the sexy mini dress that always turned me on whenever she wore it.
"Do you think it'll fit?" I asked, doubtfully. So with the girls' encouragement I went to the bathroom, carrying the dress and a pair of black string panties that belonged to Terri. To my surprise the dress fit great. Fuck! I looked so fuckin SEXY! Well, anyways, a lot of women - sexy women, like Terri  - have married homosexuals. Clint Eastwood's girlfriend back in the 70s Sondra Locke, had a husband who encouraged her to fuck Eastwood. Later the husband came out as a flaming homosexual. Just like me. I encouraged my wife to fuck other men and then tell me about it, like Sondra Locke’s husband did to her. And guess what my first question to her after each man was?  "Does he have a big cock?" Ha ha ha! It's so crazy and wild to be a faggot! People are now beginning to realize and sympathize that we can't help what we are; we're, as Lady GaGa says - "born that way!"

My Life In High Heels: Steven's Story, Part One

      To look at me now, standing next to a booth in the adult arcade, My blonde hair teased up high, wearing hot pink lipstick, a 2 piece black string bikini covering my female looking body, and a pair of sexy high heels, you would never guess that I was once a guy who was married to a very sexy Filipina girlie-girl.
      I met Terri when I was 24. We corresponded online for a year before I was able to get all the paperwork together for us to get married and for me to bring her to the U.S. She was always very upfront with me, right from the beginning. She told me that she was a dancer in a nightclub, and that she did nude modeling, and had been leading an active sex life since she was really young. She said that she wanted me to know what I was getting into before we got too deep into a relationship. She even told me that she was currently in a relationship with a Filipino guy, but that she would end it when she left to come to the U.S. I didn’t care; all I knew was that she was extremely hot and sexy – something that a little geek like me could show off.

      Her name was Teresita, but had always used the name Terri. To give you an idea what she looks like, she looks very much like the porn star Lucy Thai. They could almost be twins. Terri’s 5’,1”, and has long black, silky hair. One of her best features are her long sexy legs,and she loves to show them off by almost always wearing shorts or short skirts and dresses.
      When we got married and she came to the U.S. everything was great. We had a crazy hot sex life; I mean, that girl LOVES to fuck! We fucked so much back then that my dick was raw. I actually began to think that maybe I was a real man after all – that’s how a girl like Terri is, they make any man feel more like a man. But as time went on, I began to ask her about her past, you know, about her work in the club, her modeling, even about her past sexual relationships. I always did this when we were having sex, because otherwise I would get so jealous I could scream! Once I came and sex was over, and she continued to talk about her past I would get really pissed off and we’d end up fighting. But the very next time we were in bed, I start probing again, because, the fact is, hearing about her sex life got me really horny!
      And that’s how I learned that she had made a living as a prostitute in the club where she danced. The girls there did naked lap dancing, and they had private booths for the girls to go with their "clients" - that's what the Filipina girls call their tricks - "clients" - if the guy wanted more than just a lap dance. I also found out that her “modeling” was more than just posing for nude pictures; she posed with men, and also had made sex videos in Manila. She was very matter of fact about all of this, like it was the most natural thing in the world.

And it was, for her. She had no shame at all about what she was. She told me that she first began having sex when she was 12. Her mom had a live in boyfriend who molested her. He liked to finger her vagina and get her juicy, then she would blow him.But she told me the fact was, it was her that had tempted the man. She had waited until her mom was at work at the night shift in a sweatshop, and then had purposely flirted with him. One night she came from the shower with only a towel wrapped around her and she was flirting with him, and she sat on his lap in a playful manner. He kept telling her to get off, but she felt his boner under her ass, so she loosened the towel and let it drop. Next thing he knew she was sucking his cock right there in the kitchen. After that she blew him every night until one morning her mom came home and caught them in bed together naked. Her mom was furious and was then just a jealous woman fighting with another bitch, over a man! She kicked Terri out. So she moved in with the family of a girl she went to school with. When she was 14 she got hired at a nightclub and never looked back.
      After we were married for a year, Terri began to joke about me being gay. When I’d get mad, she’d laugh and say, “I’m only joking!” I remember she always used to squeeze my breasts, which were quite prominent, and say, “Wow, sweetie, nice development!” And then she'd laugh.
      My feminine breasts had been a source of embarrassment for me ever since middle school, when we had to take showers after P.E. Once I matured, my body was basically a very feminine one. I have never had any body hair to speak of, other than my pubic hair, and many times my mom told me, “That ass does NOT belong on a guy!”

      As far as my sexual orientation went, I began masturbating every chance I got after going through puberty. So far, so good – right? Not so fast. As I said, where the boys I had grown up with now began to look more like young men, that was definitely not the case with me. I would look at myself in the full-length mirror, and basically see a girl, a girl with a small penis. It was around that time that I was doing that and masturbating, when the idea came into my head to put on some of my mom’s lipstick. I did it and got so horny! So the next logical thing for me then was to step into a pair of her high heels. Then I checked myself out in the mirror and almost popped a load just by looking. Because what I saw was not some little pimple faced geek, but a hot, sexy woman! Once I came, however, I was filled with embarrassment and self-loathing. Maybe I WAS a queer!
      The one thing you did not want to be perceived as when I was growing up was to be a queer. Queers were disgusting weirdos that everyone hated. So I would console myself by rationalizing that I was horny over my own image because I looked like a girl, therefore I like girls! Talk about convoluted logic, huh? The fact is, seeing myself as female was what was really turning me on. But I wasn’t readyto accept that then. So I began about 5 years of trying to fool myself.
      Blondie boy Keven had been hanging around with a bunch of kids who were a little on the wild side. He caught the eye of an older man in his 40s named Jay, who was known to buy booze for the teenagers in town. Jay was a light skinned African-American man in his early 40s. He lived in an apartment over the laundromat. He often had parties at his pad. Keven caught Jay looking at him all the time. One afternoon, when Keven had a little too much to drink, Jay had told the guys to just let Keven sleep it off over there. Later that night, Jay raped him.
      Keven woke up with a completely naked muscleman Jay on top of him. To make it worse, Jay had stripped him completely nude when he was passed out.  Now Jay was kissing all over Keven's nude body, nuzzling on his neck and nibbling on his ears. He could feel Jay’s hardon against his belly. It was big – and really hard!
      Well, they ended up making love. Not fucking or anything, not even a blow job, just making love – kissing and cuddling. Jay told Keven that he knew he was a sissy the moment he laid eyes on him. At first Keven was embarrassed and tried to deny it. But Jay brought out some high heels and lipstick and urged Keven try it on. After that Keven began spending all his free time at Jay’s, and, at Jay's suggestion, referring to himself as, "Keven Jeanne."
Sexy, rebellious sissy boy, Keven Jeanne, sitting in front of the dresser, in just a pair of high heels, a lacy black silk Frederick’s of Hollywood shorty robe, and red lipstick, and applying mascara as an admiring Jay watches. Stevie Jeanne takes a hairbrush and comb and brushes and teases up his blonde hair, spraying it with LOTS of hairspray! His silky legs are crossed provocatively. He and Jay had just finished making love again, and Keven Jeanne was beginning to feel what so many teenage girls had felt – the first flushes of his power as a woman. In the mirror Keven Jeanne can see Jay staring at him. OMG! He has a big hardon! Already?? Keven Jeanne smirks at Jay and continues applying mascara to his long lashes, as he feels his own clit getting hard. He reaches
back, his little girlish fingers grabbing the bulge in Jay's silk boxers - "Oh MY!" he simpers, giggling. He and Jay have been a couple for over 2 months now, and everyone says that they make a really cute couple! Keven Jeanne has completely come out of the closet and has assumed a female persona and identity.
After Jay turned me out and convinced me to move in with him, we moved to San Francisco, away from my mom and the kids I used to hang out with. Jay didn’t want me dressing or behaving in anyway like a guy anymore, and he felt that the guys I used to hang out with might influence me not to be a girl. He didn’t have to worry; once the guys found out what was going on between Jay and me, they were disgusted and wanted nothing to do with me. If anything they would have beat my ass if they had caught me alone. They made a big thing of hating on “queers,” as they called gay people. They ridiculed them and threatened them. I remember the summer before I got turned out; we all went to the city to go “queer hunting.” Basically that meant riding around the gay areas and harassing the queers. There was one well-known area where the sissy boys – the ones who dressed and acted feminine – hung out, looking for tricks. We drove through there one hot July evening just before dark, and the place was crawling with queers. They were wearing dresses, skirts, high heels, and mincing around like they were women. I remember one of them calling out to us, “Hey, honey, come back! I will choke you!” I remember feeling so much disgust and revulsion. But later, home alone in my bed, I jerked off thinking about that queer. Little did I know that one day, I would be out there – a queer myself – calling out to men in cars, just like them.

      The cute Caucasian teenie cocked his buttocks up on the bed at a seedy motel. He was lying face down on the bed, completely naked, and he was trying to get his boyfriend's attention by wiggling his feminine nalgas! He felt Jay's big hand cupping his buttocks and he smiled to himself. He was spread and he knew that Jay had a good view of everything! He gave his lover a sexy anus wink! He laughed silently when he heard Jay's deep voice groan in response, and caught his breath when he felt Jay's thick finger in his ass hole. Jay got on the bed, covering his sissy with his own big body. Keven Jeanne shivered when he felt a kiss on the back of his neck, and the feel of Jay's hard muscles on top of him.
      The big Negro lay on top of his white sissy and wrapped his big muscles around him. Keven Jeanne could feel Jay's big hardon pressed on his buttocks. He knew that he was about to get fuck. Jay rose up and mounted the cute young blonde sissy, his hardon at the mouth of Keven Jeanne's naked anus. Keven Jeanne wiggled his hips and caught his breath as the plum sized head of Jay's hard black cock pushed into his greasy anus. The sissy whimpered as the big black hardon worked slowly up inside of him - until Jay was inside, his hairy black nuts resting on Keven Jeanne's smooth white buttocks. Then Jay began to fuck his Caucasian puta, slowly at first but then with increasing ardor until he was slamming - flesh slapping against flesh - the headboard pounding against the wall, accompanied by the sissy's shrill screams. Suddenly the big Negro tensed and shouted out in a loud voice as he nutted in Keven Jeanne’s bare rectum, filling the little faggot's guts with his seed.

      Later, Keven Jeanne sat at the dressing table, teasing up his blonde hair, using LOTS of hairspray. He applied some fresh red lipstick to his full, pouty lips, his eyes colored with green eye shadow. He was excited because Jay told him that he could make them a lot of money whoring in the booths at the adult bookstore next door, and also up on the road above where hoes strolled and the truckers parked.
      When Keven Jeanne decided to come out of the closet 2 months ago, he never dreamed that he would be a woman and a whore. But here he was, in high heels and butt baring short shorts, selling his faggot ass to horny men, and giving the money he made to his black boyfriend - his pimp - his buggaron! Keven Jeanne would be out whoring until 4 a.m. Then Jay would pick him up and take him back to the cheap motel. They would fuck, go to sleep in each other's arms, and start the whole thing over with a hot fuck in the morning.
      Keven Jeanne loved waking up with Jay's big hardon poking his ass, hawt to fuck! Keven Jeanne would roll over; open his mouth to take his Negro’s kiss.

Then Jay went back to prison and I was able to get away from him and I tried to resume my life as a guy. By then I was 19, and once Jay was gone I gathered up all my girl stuff, my make up, dresses,skirts, high heels – all of it – and threw it in a dumpster. And, except for a few slip ups where I found myself sucking some man’s dick in an adult bookstore, I played it pretty much straight. And that’s when I saw Terri online and we began our correspondence. 

Friday, February 27, 2015

Pretty Pinkie - Prison Sissy Boy!

People are always talking about slavery. They talk about how blacks were slaves in America, and how they should be getting reparations for what they went through, and all that. And some people talk about slavery that is going on today in places like the Middle East, and in Africa. Then there is always talk about how women are being trafficked as sex slaves just about everywhere. But what most people don't realize is, that a very harsh and cruel form of slavery is taking place year after year, here in America, in our jails and prisons - the sexual servitude of white men by black and Hispanic inmates.

Everyone knows that when you are incarcerated you lose your freedom, your rights. That's just part of being a criminal. And most people have some kind of understanding that prisoners are often subject to physical and sexual assault behind bars. Most of the time it makes us uneasy, because of the fact that the sexual attacks are homosexual in nature. So we joke about it - stuff like, "Don't drop the soap - lol!"

But prison sexual assault  is not funny to the victims. Some of these sexual attacks are done to demonstrate power, and the victims can be completely masculine and heterosexual men. The Queens, however, are an entirely different story. Queens are the most disgusting creatures in the prison hierarchy - particularly the female substitutes called "Queens," "Sissies," or, "Punks."

Unlike a masculine male who is sexually assaulted, a potential "punk," or, "sissy," is usually marked right from the beginning, and culled out of the herd. They are usually guys who stand out by their timidity and fearful demeanor. They are viewed as being slave material.

Since prison is a hyper male dominated society. A man who will not stand up for himself is despised and will lose his status as a male. He will become a she and will be expected to act the female role 24/7. The new "woman" will be expected to perform all of the tasks normally assigned to females on the outside. If "she" is attractive and can pass as a real woman she will be viewed as a prize and inmates will fight to decide who will own her. "Women" like this are almost exclusively owned by prison pimps, and will be prostituted by "her" pimp. "She" will wear eyeshadow and lipstick, short-shorts so brief that the cheeks of "her" buttocks are displayed, halter tops, and "her' hair will be long and styled. A queen will submit to any male and serve him sexually. Since homosexuality is frowned upon in prison, men who need sex will resort to the services of whores - female replacements. That way the heterosexual dynamic is preserved.

Little Caucasian faery boi, hawt for muscley black men! Sissy is looking for a big black  Masta to bow down to and serve on his knees!

Pretty little Caucasian homosexual, totally naked, sitting in his black man’s lap, lookin’ SO proud!! And he IS proud! SO proud to show everyone that this fine ass, big black muscle man OWNS him – proud to be owned by a real man!

Every little cocksucker has a need to show off! And just like a woman, he needs to be with a man he can be proud of. So naturally he’s lookin’ for a handsome man with big muscles! And because he is white, he is crazy about HAWT black men!

Cheesecake Sissy! Caucasian sissy's posing nude in a prison cell for cheesecake photos, wearing nothing but lipstick and high heels, showing LOTS of silky bare legs! The black inmates had an i phone smuggled in, and now they were making a porno, starring their newest sissy. They are careful not to show their faces, but they have no problem at all zooming in on the sissy's faces! Until 6 days ago the sissy had been a married guy named Keven. But after having been brought upstairs to Cell Block A3, where he was sexually assaulted and turned out, he was now a feminized sissy named, "Pretty Pinky." 

The negroes had the white faggot in a dimly lit prison cell. He was naked and was wearing high heels and red lipstick. He'd obviously gotten a beating, as evidenced from the black eye swollen shut, and the fat lip, double its normal size. One by one the big black and Hispanic men came in and had sex with the nude Queen. They fucked him in the mouth and the ass - saving their cum load for the bukakke. Batuco started taping as the first black bull ejaculated his sperm on Pretty Pinky's hot face. One after another, the big black bulls shot their cum on the white punk's face, until the sissy looked like a glazed donut, cum dripping from her face, hanging like snot from her nose and chin. The bitch has a sullen look on her face - HIS - face. There is also fear there, probably due to the beating she got to make her compliant, as evidenced by the swollen shut black eye and fat lip. After the gangbang the video is sent to other phones, both within the prison and outside as well.

"Chinga me la culo y chinga me la boca, Papi!"  Pretty Pinky, Caucasian prison sissy. He used to be named Keven, but his black prison mastah changed his name to PRETTY PINKY! Now , he is a "she," and "she's" strutting around the cell block in nothing but a pair of pink bikini panties and high heels, making those big black men hard as a rock!


Big ass, fucking! Caucasian sissy, Pretty Pinky, was wiggling her hot blonde ass down the cell block. She was wearing a pair of denim cutoff short-shorts so brief that the cheeks of her ass were showing. You could plainly see the crude prison made tattoo that had been carved on her buttocks: BARE on her left buttock, and BACK on the right side. "Her" top was a t-top cut just below the titties, and "she" had a slave bandana tied Aunt Jemima style on her head. She was wearing some sexy red lipstick on her plump blowjob lips. She had beautiful, silky legs - just like a real lady- all the men on cell block C said so! It's hard to believe by looking at her, but just 8 months ago Pinky was a married man named Keven. But after coming to prison he had been turned out by the black inmates as a prison woman! And now "she" was whoring for the black Boss who had purchased her, and who had renamed her PRETTY PINKY!

I'm a horny cum guzzler. I want to obey my buggaron! I want a big strict, dominant Bull to bully me and dominate me! I want him to slap me around and humiliate me in front of everyone.

Sometimes, there are disputes among the African-American and Hispanic inmates because there are fewer Caucasian Queens and more black men, so the men need to wait for a long time when the Caucasian sissies are busy servicing their clients in the cells," The warden said. "If there are more white "girls," please send them here so we can avoid having these disputes.

These Caucasian prison "girls" here help make the environment good and help relieve the black and Hispanic inmate's tension because most of them are far away from real women for many months, or even years! They enjoy having a feminine little cracka sissy to serve them they way a wife would on the outside. These dainty Caucasian men - if you want to call them "men" - take care of their black "husbands" by washing their socks and dirty undashots, keeping the cell clean, massaging his big tired muscles after he been out in the yard pumping iron, an, of course - servicing him sexually. Some Black Men have a string of Caucasian sissies that they prostitute out to the other inmates. It gets pretty sick behind the walls sometimes. I know of one black gang chief that had the words, "BARE BACK," tattooed on his Caucasian sissy's buttocks. The black "mastas" give their Caucasian sissies "slave names - feminine names."

Pretty Pinky: A sexy name for a prison "woman!" ! I have a nice pink cunt - well - rectum actually - just perfect for a big black masta! My prison Masta loves cupping my soft white tits in his strong black hands! He pinches my pink titties til I squeal in pain! "Man, that ass is like pussy," he shouted out, in his deep bass voice. "Just like pussy!"

Can you imagine how that feels - being held down and mounted by a black guy much bigger and stronger than you, and being fucked in the ass like some bitch,while he's grunting and telling the whole cell block that your anus feels: "Just like pussy!?"


I have seen a lot of timid whites refuse to stand up for themselves when they get to prison and end up being punked by dozens of different black inmates. They are made to put cherry kool-aid on their cheeks and lips and grow their hair long. I know a black gang chief who made his little white sissy have a pair of breasts tattooed on his back. Another pimp, an El Salvadoran, had his white sissy's face tatted up with MS-13 gang signs. This sissy was married, an accountant, with only an 18 month sentence. He thought he would do his time, go home to his wife and kids, and pick up the pieces. Now he is marked for life!  Y

You see these cute young white guys looking more like women than men, you see them naked in the cells on their knees, or squatting between some black man's legs as he's seated on the toilet, sucking off his - HER - black man, or on the beds, their skinny white legs up on a black man's broad back. You see these so called "women" strutting around the cell blocks wearing short dresses and lipstick. Often their eyes are purple and swollen shut, or fat lips that they got from their black pimps. They get beatings from their black bugaws. And the sick thing is, so many of them are married, they have wives and kids waiting for them when they get out! But what is a wife going to say when she sees her husband's buttocks tattooed with gang signs, clearly marking him as a sissy??

The tough black inmates often fight each other for the chance to rape an effeminate young white. The young Caucasian sissy cowers in fear in a corner as the big black bulls fight for her ass. The sissy knows that she will become the "woman" of, and will mate with the Bull that wins. He will become essentially the property of his protector, or, Buggaron, and will known as his "bitch" or "ho" or "Woman".

Sexy queer's ass is on fire! He got sent to prison and "he" is now a "she", and "her" hot ass is on FIRE! "Her" name is Pretty Pinky, that's "her" slave name given to "her" by her "masta," a big black inmate named Batuco. That Queen is strutting around the cell block wearing nothing but a tank top that has been cut and sewn to fit like a tight minidress. "She" has "her" pouty lips cherried up with lipstick and "she" has a slave bandana on "her" head. Sissy is about 5', 6", and weighs no more than 115 lbs. "Her" pale skin is smooth and silky and is covered with prison made tattoos. "She" looks very much like a real woman, and "she" is very proud of that! "She" makes a lot of money whoring for her black Daddy, and at night, in their cell,Sissy's pink pussy is his alone. Sissy is proud to be owned by a big black Dominican masta like Batuco. Every other white sissy on the tier is envious of Pretty Pinky. “Yes masta sah!” Pinky squeals. She knows how to witch horny black men!

In the joint I got passed around by the black and El Salvadoran men, just because I was Caucasian and feminine. I was walking on the cellblock the other day, just eyeballing all the sexy Caucasian prison Queens being displayed by their black and Third World pimps. One big muscular El Salvadoran bugarron had his little Caucasian sissy wear a pair of ripped, butt baring short-shorts, so skimpy that every crack of "her" asspussy was clearly visible,!" "She" also had a black G-string pulled way up "her" ass and high on "her" hips. "Her" legs were smooth, white, and skinny - very sexy legs! "Her" pimp really wanted everyone to know that his white sissy was a real whore and proud of it. He had his sexy little cracka bitch mince around a cell block teeming with horny black men like that, wiggling "her" hips suggestively, showing off "her" skinny white ladylike legs. This sissy wore a tank top cut just below the tittie line; she looked just like a real woman!! Her black pimp had tatted his gang signs on the sissy's white buttocks, so that everyone knew that she belonged to him. And everybody on the cell block knew that!

 Pretty Pinky," that was the slave name "her" black pimp had given "her" - was going to fuck and suck off every Man on the block that night in the dayroom shower. Pretty Pinky's Bugaw  (pimp) had let it be known that his sissy was going to pull a train after evening chow - from 6 p.m until 12 midnight lockdown. To be honest, Pinky was a little nervous. "She" had never fucked so many black men at once like that. But "her big pimp had been adamant: "You pullin' that train tonight, girl, an' that's all they is to it."

What a great place! In prison they turn some white guys into women and the blacks buy and sell them like cattle. I'll do a naked fuck dance, I'll ride his cock, I'll pole dance him, my meaty anus lips grasp around his thick cock! OUCH! PUTA! I want to put out in the booth! Ima go to Corey's Adult Videos and have hot sex, suck cock and get ass fucked, ha ha! this hot faggot Queen in high heels will blow men bareback and let them fuck her in the ass bareback in the private booths at Corey's Adult Videos, in Oakland! what a fuckin' QUEER!

Well, you know that bitch puts out in the booths! I saw that high heeled short shorts wearing sissy go into a private booth at SECRETS Adult Videos, in El Cerrito, with some big muscles black dude. A few minutes later I heard noises, like retching noises, and some hard slaps. And then I heard a pounding noise that got louder and louder, and I just knew that cracka sissy was getting fucked in the ass.  I mean, it was rockin' the whole booth!

A few minutes after the noise died down the door to the booth opened and the black dude walked out. I took a peek in the booth; the white sissy was squatting on the floor, completely naked except for "her" high heels, and "she" was applying fresh lipstick.

Those men sure like to bareback her! In prison I had to ride the "covered wagon", which means they hang a blanket down from the top bunk in a cell, and a nude white Queen (me) goes into the bottom bunk and has sex with Man after Man. When a horny black Bull pulls the blanket aside, he sees me, a slightly built young white homosexual, completely nude, red lipstick, lots of crude prison made tattoos on his pale body, lookin' just like a real bitch, smiling and awaiting his embrace. The big muscley black Bull pulls his clothes off and goes into the bunk to make love with his white Queen.