Friday, February 27, 2015

Pretty Pinkie - Prison Sissy Boy!

Queers are the most disgusting creatures in the prison hierarchy - particularly the female substitutes called "Queens" or "Sissies". Prison is a hyper male dominated society. A man who will not stand up for himself is despised and will lose his status as a male. He will become a she and will be expected to act the female role 24/7. The new "woman" will be expected to perform all of the tasks normally assigned to females on the outside. If "she" is attractive and can pass as a real woman she will be viewed as a prize and inmates will fight to decide who will own her. "Women like this are almost exclusively owned by prison pimps, and will be prostituted by "her" pimp. "She" will wear eyeshadow and lipstick, short-shorts so brief that the cheeks of "her" buttocks are displayed, halter tops, and "her' hair will be long and styled. A queen will submit to any male and serve him sexually. If the bitch is lucky a man might give her a few bucks as a reward for her services. But even if he doesn't she will obey anyway - even to the point of asking him if she can suck his cock, some bitches even beg for a man's hard cock: "Pleeeeeze! Honey! Can I suck your cock, daddy? I promise to make you feel good, honey man! PLEEEEZE! I've seen sissies begging even ugly men to fuck them. Can you imagine sexy women begging guys to fuck them? Well that's exactly what Queens do!

Little caucasian faery boy hawt for muscley negro men! Sissy is looking for a big black negro masta to bow down to and serve on his knees!
Pretty little Caucasian homosexual, totally naked, sitting in his Negro man’s lap, lookin’ SO proud!! And he ISproud! SO proud to show everyone that this big black muscle man OWNShim – proud to be owned by a real man!
Every little cocksucker has a need to show off! And just like a woman, he needs to be with a man he can be proud of. So naturally he’s lookin’ for a handsome man with big muscles! And because he is white, he is crazy about HAWT black men!
 Cheesecake Sissy! Caucasian sissy's posing nude in a prison cell for cheesecake photos, wearing nothing but lipstick and high heels, showing LOTS of silky bare legs! Sus! Waw ligs mo uy! The black inmates had an i phone smuggled in, and now they were making a porno, starring their newest sissy. Until 6 days ago the sissy had been a married guy named Devin. But after having been brought upstairs to Cell Block A3, where he was raped and turned out, he was now a feminized sissy named Pretty Pinky.
The negroes had the white faggot in a dimly lit prison cell. He was naked and was wearing high heels and red lipstick. He'd obviously gotten a beating, as evidenced from the black eye swollen shut, and the fat lip, double its normal size. One by one the big negro men came in and had sex with the nude Queen. They fucked him in the mouth and the ass - saving their cum load for the bukakke. Batuco started taping as the first black bull ejaculated his sperm on Pretty Pinky's hot face. One after another, the big black bulls shot their cum on the white punk's face, until the sissy looked like a glazed donut, cum dripping from her face, hanging like snot from her nose and chin. The bitch has a sullen look on her face - HIS - face. There is also fear there, probably due to the beating she got to make her compliant, as evidenced by the swollen shut black eye and fat lip. After the gangbang the video is sent to other phones.
Chinga me la culo y chinga me la boca, papi! Pretty Pinky, caucasian prison sissy. He used to be named Devin, but his black prison mastah changed his name to PRETTY PINKY! Now "she's" strutting around the cell block in nothing but a pair of pink bikini panties and high heels, making those big black Dominican men hard as a rock!
Big ass, fucking!Caucasian sissy, Pretty Pinky was wiggling her hot blonde ass down the cell block. She was wearing a pair of denim cutoff short-shorts so brief that the cheeks of her ass were showing. You could plainly see the crude prison made tattoo that had been carved on her buttocks: BARE on her left buttock, and BACKon the right side.Her top was a t-top cut just below the titties, and she had a slave bandana tied Aunt Jemima style on her head. She was wearing some sexy red lipstick on her plump blowjob lips. She had beautiful, silky legs - just like a real lady- all the men on cell block C said so! It's hard to believe by looking at her, but just 8 months ago Pinky was a married man named Devin, a father of a 10 month old daughter. But after coming to prison he had been turned out by the black inmates as a prison woman! And now "she" was whoring for the black Dominican pimp who had purchased her, and who had renamed her PRETTY PINKY!
I'm a horny cum guzzler. I want to obey my buggaron! I want a big strict, dominant Bull to bully me and dominate me! I want him to slap me around and humiliate me in front of everyone.
Sometimes, there are disputes among the african-american inmates because there are fewercaucasian Queens and more black men, so the negro men need to wait for a long time when the caucasian sissies are busy servicing their negro clients in the cells," The warden said. "If there are more white girls, please send them here so we can avoid having these disputes.
These caucasian prison "girls" here help make the environment good and help relieve the negro inmate's tension because most of them are far away from real women for many months. They enjoy having a feminine little caucasian sissy to serve them they way a wife would on the outside. These dainty caucasian men - if you want to call them men - take care of their negro husbands by washing their socks and dirty undashots, keeping the cell clean, massaging his big tired muscles after he been out in the yard pumping iron, an, of course - servicing him sexually. Some negro men have a string of caucasian sissies that they prostitute out to the other men. It gets pretty sick behind the wall sometimes. I know of one negro masta that had the words BARE BACK tattooed on hiscaucasian sissy's buttocks. The negro mastas give their caucasian sissies "slave names."
Pretty Pinky: A sexy name for a queer! I have a nice pink cunt - just perfect for a big negro massa! My prison Massa loves cupping my soft white tits in his strong black hands! He pinches my pink titties til I squeal in pain! "Man, that ass is like pussy," he shouted out, in his deep bass voice. "Just like pussy!" Can you imagine how that feels - being held down and mounted by a black guymuch bigger and stronger than you, and being fucked in the ass like some bitch,while he's grunting and telling the whole cell block that your anus feels: "Just like pussy!?"
I have seen a lot of whites refuse to stand up for themselves when they get to prison and end up being punked by dozens of different black inmates. They are made to put cherry kool-aid on their cheeks and lips and grow their hair long. I know a black gang chief who made his little white sissy have a pair of breasts tattooed on his back. It gets pretty sick behind prison walls at times. You see these cute young white guys looking more like women than men, you see them naked in the cells on their knees, or squatting between some black man's legs as he's seated on the toilet, sucking off big black men, or on the beds, their skinny white legs up on a black man's broad back. You see these so called"women" strutting around the cell blocks wearing short dresses and lipstick. Often their eyes are purple and swollen shut, or fat lips that they got from their black pimps. They get beatings from their black bugaws.
The tough negro inmates often fight each other for the chance to rape an effeminate young white. The young caucasian sissy cowers in fear as the big black bulls fight for her ass. The sissy knows that she will become the "woman" of, and will mate with the Bull that wins. He will become essentially the property of his protector, or, Buggaron, and will known as his "bitch" or "ho" or "Woman".

Sexy queer's ass is on fire! He got sent to prison and "he" is now a "she", and "her" hot ass is on FIRE! "Her" name is Pretty Pinky, that's "her" slave name given to "her" by "her" black masta, a big black inmate named Batuco. That Queen is strutting around the cell block wearing nothing but a tank top that has been cut and sewn to fit like a tight minidress. "She" has "her" pouty lips cherried up with lipstick and "she" has a slave bandana on "her" head. Sissy is about 5', 6", and weighs no more than 115 lbs. "Her" pale skin is smooth and silky and is covered with prison made tattoos. "She" looks very much like a real woman, and "she" is very proud of that! "She" makes a lot of money whoring for her black Daddy, and at night, in their cell,Sissy's pink pussy is his alone. Sissy is proud to be owned by a big black Dominican masta like Batuco. Every other white sissy on the tier is envious ofPretty Pinky. “Yes masta sah!” Pinky squeals. She knows how to witch horny black men!
In the joint I got passed around by the black and Puerto Rican men, because I was caucasian. I was walking on the cellblock the other day, just eyeballing all the sexy caucasian prison Queens being displayed by their negro pimps. One big muscular negro bugarron had his little caucasian sissy wear a pair of ripped short-shorts, so skimpy that every crack of "her" asspussy was clearly visible, "she" also had a black G-string pulled way up "her" ass and high on "her" hips. "Her" legs were smooth, white, and skinny - very sexy legs! He really wanted everyone to know that his white sissy was a real whore and proud of it. He had his sexy little cracka bitch mince around a cell block teeming with horny black men like that, wiggling "her" hips suggestively, showing off "her" skinny white ladylike legs. This sissy wore a tank top cut just below the tittie line; she looked just like a real woman!! Her black pimp had tatted his gang signs on the sissy's white buttocks, so that everyone knew that she belonged to him. And everybody on the cell block knew that!
Pretty Pinkie - that was the slave name "her" black pimp had given "her" - was going to fuck and suck off every negro on the block that night in the dayroom shower. Pretty Pinky's Bugaw had let it be known that his sissy was going to pull a train after evening chow - from 6 p.m until 12 midnight lockdown. To be honest, Pinky was a little nervous. "She" had never fucked so many black meyn at once like that. But "her big pimp had been adamant: "You pullin' dat train tonight, girl, an' dat's all they is to it."
What a great place! In prison they turn some white guys into women and the blacks buy and sell them like cattle. I'll do a naked fuck dance, I'll ride his cock, I'll pole dance him, my meaty anus lips grasp around his thick cock! OUCH! PUTA!I want to put out in the booth! Ima go to Flixxx and have hot sex, suck cock and get ass fucked, ha ha! this hot faggot Queen in high heels will blow men bareback and let them fuck her in the ass bareback in the private booths at Flixxx in Providence! what a fuckin queer!
Well, you know that bitch puts out in the booths! I saw that high heeled short shorts wearing sissy go into a private booth at Flixxx with some big muscles black dude. A few minutes later I heard noises, like retching noises, and some hard slaps. And then I heard a pounding noise that got louder and louder, and I just knew that cracka sissy was getting fucked in the ass. A few minutes after the noise died down the door to the booth opened and the black dude walked out. I took a peek in the booth; the white sissy was squatting on the floor, completely naked except for "her" high heels, and "she" was applying fresh lipstick. Those men sure like to bareback her! In prison I had to ride the "covered wagon", which means they hang a blanket down from the top bunk in a cell, and a nude white Queen (me) goes into the bottom bunk and has sex with Man after Man. When a horny black Bull pulls the blanket aside, he sees me, a slightly built young white homosexual, completely nude, red lipstick, lots of crude prison made tattoos on his pale body, lookin' just like a real bitch, smiling and awaiting his embrace. The big muscley black Bull pulls his clothes off and goes into the bunk to make love with his white Queen.

Little Sissy - Sweet As Sugar!

One morning I woke up in bed next to my wife, little did I know that some 14 hours later I would be laying down in another bed, the wife of another man! Well, what happened was. my wife had a job as a cocktail waitress, and so while she was at work I'd get bored and surf for porn on the internet. I soon got hooked on interracial porn. I began to identify with the white women in those movies. To be honest, I had been trying on lipstick and high heels ever since I was a teenager. I'm not very big - 5'-6", slightly built.
One night I bought a pair of high heels, some lipstick, and a tube minidress, and went out to an adult bookstore about 20 miles from the house, in a really ghetto part of the city. I parked my car in the parking lot adjacent to the adult book store. I sat there for a few minutes to gather my courage. I tried to talk myself out of what I was about to do; I knew that I would be cheating on Elaine, that if I did what I was here for, it would mean that I was a queer. Just then I spotted a prostitute walk past the lot. She was wearing high heels, a halter top, and a pair of really skimpy short shorts. Just looking at her got me so fuckin horny - not because she turned me on sexually - but because the idea of what she was - a whore -made me wish to BE her.
I took a deep breath and got out of the car before I could change my mind. The night air felt good on my bare legs and shoulders. I locked the door and began walking to the street, where I had seen the whore. As I walked across the asphalt the sensation of walking in heels felt strange. I mean, I had practiced at home for months, but the hard city streets felt much different than the carpet in our apartment.
The ABS was located on a busy thoroughfare, and though it was 7 pm, the traffic was fairly heavy. I took a deep breath and stepped out onto the well lit sidewalk. There was no going back now. The adult bookstore was about half a block from the parking lot. I walked the way I had practiced, with short mincing steps, one foot in front of the other, so that my center of gravity was in my hips, giving them a womanly sway. I was so fucking nervous, but at the same time it was as if I had been set free - to be the woman I always knew was inside of me. As I walked I could feel the confidence growing. A car full of guys passed. They honked the horn and whistled. The feeling was indescribable. Now I knew how women felt - how my wife felt - when men whistled at her.
I reached the adult bookstore, with its garish lights flashing. It was located in an old renovated theater. There were a few men standing in the open lobby. One them, a tall black guy , said, "Hey, girl! What's your name?"
I didn't answer, just kept walking. I knew that if he had liked what he'd seen, he'd follow me into the arcade.Flanking both sides of the entry way were lifesize photos of nude women. I entered the store and ignored the looks from the customers. I pretended to browse around the video section, but I was really just trying to take in the layout of the store. Located at the back of the store was a doorway which was surrounded by flashing lights. Above it was a sign that read: VIDEO ARCADE. I waited until there were no customers at the counter and I gave the guy the six dollar fee for the arcade, and walked as sexy as I could inside.
It was very dark back there with a maze of corridors lined with video booths. I could see a lot of men lurking in the dark corners, as though waiting for something. I could hear doors creaking stealthily as they opened and closed. I found a booth near the back and entered, locking the door behind me. The booth was pretty good size, with a padded bench facing a video monitor. I put a twenty into the slot and the video selection came on. I scrolled through and found a hot video with a blond sucking a black guy's cock. I stripped off my tube dress and sat on the bench nude - high heels only. My dick was so hard - both from the porno and from the idea of what I was about to do. I reached over and unlocked the door and waited.
I didn't have to wait long. The door to my booth opened and a short latino guy looked in. He stared at me for a few seconds and then left. A few more seconds and a black guy looked in. He was in his late 20's, shave head, wife beater t-shirt, and baggy jeans. He stepped inside, closing and locking the door behind him. he was staring at me intently, his hand squeezing his dick through his jeans. Part of me, the old part of me, was scared. That part of me was thinking I could get beat up for offending a real man with my gayness. The black guy reached out and fondled my tits. I took this as evidence I needn't fear him, and I reached over and squeezed the hard bulge in his jeans. He unbuckled his belt and lid his jeans down. I got down on my knees in front of him and hooked my thumbs in the band of his jockey shorts and pulled them down. His big cock sprang up, bobbing near my lipsticked mouth. OHMYGOD! I had never sucked cock before, but I had spent literally hours at a time dreaming about doing it. I had watched more blowjob porn than I could remember
Black man's cum bag - black man's scumbag - AM a black man's scum bag! Fill me with hot black cum! I suck Bak's hard black cock until he shoots all his scum into my hawny mouth! Mmmmm! I LOVE it when he has me stand facing him while he's seated and he's suckin on my tits and squeezing and slapping my buttocks - HARD! When he cums in my mouth he makes a lot of noise, groaning and shouting out in that deep bass black man's voice! So that everyone in the arcade can hear! I'm hoping that he will fuck me in the ass this coming friday night! Mmmm! I LOVE a hot black massa! I love it when a black man yell at me, call me names, and slap the shit out me. I love it when they command me to get on my knees and elbows so that I can bow low to kiss and lick their toes. I love to suck black cock, eat out black anus, and take hard black cock balls deep into my ass hole. I love it when a big strong black master mount me from behind and fuck me so hard you can hear balls slapping against the back of my thighs. And while he's fucking me like that he's pinching my bare breasts black and blue so that I'm writhing and yelping in pain! I love taking a hot black load deep into my guts. I'll worship and obey you, massa Suh! Yassah massah sah! Y'all gone give me a beating, massa sah? I want to be completely naked in my black massah's strong round arms! GOD! I am SO fuckin' HAWNY!! I'm gonna buy me a slave collar, so that all who see me know what I am!
                                                            Terilyn Bardot & Bak

Why CAN'T a Guy Be a Lady?!

 I was watching an old tv show from like 1960, and they had a stripper named Miss Beverly Hills who danced nude. But because it was filmed back then, all they showed were her sexy bare calves in a pair of hot high heels! I got SO hot just watching! Know what makes me different from normal guys? Normal guys see a sexy woman and their dick gets hard and they want to fuck her. But I, I too get hard, but not because I want to fuck her, I want to BE her! Dancing completely nude in high heels and red lipstick, on stage in front of a crowd of horny liquored up men! Knowing that those rough brutes want to fuck me! Oh, fuck! It's almost TOO much! Just thinking about being told by my boss to go to the private lapdance room to entertain a hawt black man! Both of us naked, me wriggling completely nude in his lap, my bare tits in his his hungry mouth, the feel of his rough, sandpapery jaw nuzzling against the soft flesh of my tits, his big strong hands cupping my bare buttocks, as I grind my cunt hard up aganst his cock! He wants to fuck me SO badly! And I want to fuck HIM just as badly!
But first, he wants a hawt slobbering bareback blowjob! I slide down off of his lap and onto my knees between his big, hairy legs. The head of his thick black cock touches my pouty lipsticked mouth. SUS! What a beautiful hard cock! Hard as a rock, curved upward, riddled with gnarly blue veins! I plant a big wet smooch on the head of his penis before engulfing as much of that big boner into my mouth as I could take. I begin givin him a mouthwatering bareback blujab, sucking his cock and his big hairy nuts into my mouth, licking and sucking his balls. From out on the floor the sounds of hardcore rap caused my body to dance. As I blew him I ran my fruity little ladylike hands all over his strong hairy legs! Then I felt him reach forward, his hands on my naked buttocks, and I know from experience that it's time for us to fuck. I felt his big hand encircle my arm as he pulls me to my feet. He's sitting in the chair, looking like a handsome young black God, his 10 inch cock standing straight up, ready for pussy. "Turn around, bitch, lemme see you wiggle." he orders me in his deep manly voice. I turn and begin dancing naked - high heels only, wiggling my hips in his face. I can feel his rough hands feeling up my bare legs. "Mmmm! Soft as fuckin' SILK" he exclaims. "Get back up heah on you daddy's lap, girl."
 I climbed back on him, resuming the position I had before the blowjob. This time he encircled me in his muscle and pulled me close, my tits mashed up against his big buff chest. His full lips found mine and his tongue snaked down my throat. That's when my ass vagina REALLY began to run with juice. I elevated my hips, reached down between my legs and sank down on that hard cock, feeling it sink deeply into my wet fuck hole. NO! He wasn't wearing a condom. And NO! I didn't care. The thought ran through my sex addled head that I could become pregnant - IF I was a real woman - and I didn't give a FUCK!


The big negro stood over my wife and lowered himself so that his black cock was in her mouth. Her small, delicate hands reached up and fluttered over the backs of his muscular thighs! I was watching them and thinking, WOW! What a MAN! So proud of my wife! She made a video entitled "Asian Beauty in Boyshort panties Takes a big black cock!
My wife was on her knees at the big negroe's feet sucking his cock, and all the niggas were saying, she gots SKILLS! Girl gots SKILLS!
I was in the cell with Jose. I was getting ready for lights out and I had just showered and was only wearing a white, wrap around shorty towel. He was sitting on the toilet bowl naked, he was masturbating. "Devin, give me a blow job", he said. I kept saying no and telling him to quit, but he was so persistant. He kept begging me so finally I agreed, on his promise that if I just kissed the head he would stop bothering me. I went to the bowl and squatted between his legs to kiss the head of his cock. "OOOOH, Mama Linda! That felt so fuckin GOOD! Just put the head in your mouth, puto", he begged. "Just once". I giggled nervously and looked around. I didn't see anyone so I knelt between his legs and engulfed the head of his cock with my wet mouth. Then I dont know what happened but I stripped off my towel and got completely nude! I must have been crazy but - I started giving him a hawt bluejab. He had really harry laigs and I ran my hands lightly over his big legs as I sucked his cock. "Oh, Devin! he groaned, grabbing the back of my skull, and I felt my mouth flooding with Jose's warm semen. That's when I knew that my marriage was over. My wife was at home with our kids, just a couple of miles away - but it might have been worlds away. Giving that blowjob was the most liberating thing I had ever done! I knew then what I had been born to be - a woman! I realized that up until now my entire life had been a big lie - my marriage to a woman especially! My head was reeling as I got into my bunk and masturbated, the taste of Jose's cum fresh in my mouth.
The next morning, as soon as the lights came on, Jose began pestering me to suck his cock. This time I didn't argue. He lay back on his bunk, his shorts pulled down. I stripped naked and crawled in and sucked him off until he blew a wad in my mouth. I whispered for him not to tell anyone, and he promised he wouldn't, but by breakfast time, the whole cell block was making catty comments - even the guards. Jose had NOT been discreet! Fuck it. I didn't care. If I thought that was the end of it I was mistaken. later that day I was summoned to the cell of the block shot caller, a black guy named Butch. There were a few other black dudes hanging around. The first thing Butch said to me was, "Suck my cock, bitch."
I glanced around nervously. Sucking Jose off in the privacy of our cell had been one thing, but Butch wanted me to do him in front of his crew. I felt helpless. I knew it would be a major mistake on my part to refuse him. He was sitting on the stainless steel toilet bowl, his shorts at a puddle by his feet. I laughed nervously and began to squat at his feet. "Uh uh, uh," he said. "Take off your shit. Everything." he said. I heard snickering. Self consciously I stripped down. "Whooo-EEE!" One of the black guys exclaimed. "Check out the ass on her! She fine as FUCK!" I felt a big hand cupping my buttocks, and running up and down my bare legs. My natural reaction was one of revulsion, due to the fact that I had denied my homosexual nature for so long. Butch crooked his finger, motioning me to kneel. I obeyed and the guys formed a wall in back of us, in case a guard came by unexpectedly.
Butch's cock was fuckin HUGE! I mean, it was like 12 INCHES! And hard as a rock, standing straight up. I have like these really small hands, and the heft of that hard meat in my hands was a surprise. He flexed it and it felt like a thing ALIVE - like a SNAKE! God, it was fuckin' HARD!
As I took his big black cock into my mouth, something snapped, and I went sex mad - sucking and gnawing on that big thing. "OUCH! Got DAMN, girl! No fuckin' teeth!" he said.
I apologized, but I was SO horny! I played with his big, taut balls, and suddenly I felt my mouth being flooded with his semen. I gulped it down as fast as I could, but strings of it still trickled out of my mouth and hung in gooey strands from my chin. I looked up at him. "Didja like it?" I asked.
"Hail yeah!" he said. I began to take my clothes to get dressed, but Butch said, "Uh uh. You gots to take care of my crew." I turned; there were 8 guys there. I ended up sucking 9 black men off. When I was done Butch handed me a tube of lipstick. "Dis use to belong to Shaneeka - my bitch. She got transfered. It's yours now, and I don't never want to see you without them pretty lips cherried up. Unnastan'?"
I nodded, my head reeling. Then he handed me one of his tank tops. Butch is a big guy - maybe 6' 3", 250 lbs. Where I'm only 5' 5", 140 lbs. "You wear this from now on - not pants, no draws." I applied the lipstick and put on the tank top. It fit me like a short dress. "What's your name?" he asked.
"Devin," I answered.
"From now on you name is Gwen."
So, that was it; in one day I had become a prison "woman". And basically owned by another man. Even the small freedoms cherished by those in prison, were now lost to me. I had entered into an agreement with Butch that basically replicated slavery; he owned me. The entire block knew - just from looking at me - that I was a sissy, and that I belonged to Butch. I was his "woman", his Ho. Now I learned what it was to be the woman I had secretly dreamed about being. Only it wasn't nice, like I thought it would be. Because Butch "turned me out,' that is, he prostituted me to the other inmates. In addition to that I had to perform the chores usually done by a wife, such as, keep the cell spotless, wash his socks and dirty draws, massage his back, and bust his pimples. Then it was hours of sexual trysts with inmates, that lasted until lights out, and often, beyond. No matter I was tired, or sick - I was expected to be the earner for my man. Yes, this was what it meant to be a black man's woman.

Sissy Love

 I like to get slapped around during sex by a hawt muscley black guy! I love getting my face slapped - HARD! And my jaws pinched, and my breasts pinched black and blue! Not just the nipples, but the actual flesh of my bare breasts - THAT'S where it REALLY hurts! I like to be yelled at and called names, like faggot, bitch, cunt, sissy, cocksucker! I like to be roughly skull fucked, then fucked in the ass like it’s rape. Basically it IS rape, because once a brutal sadistic man finds out you like it rough, he won’t quit until all his anger and sex desire is sated. You can beg and cry all you want, but it’ll just get him more pissed off and horny! He could care less about how YOU feel! He just wants to take out his anger and sex drive on you, until HE is satisfied!

What’s REALLY sexy if you agree to go with him somewhere – voluntarily put yourself in the hands of a man you already know is a sadistic brute. At least in the adult arcade there are boundries – limits to what goes on. But if you agree to go with him to his, say, antique shop, well, ANYTHING can happen.

When a bully encounters a submissive sissy, it's a dream come true for both of them. He dreams of beating on a woman, because he hates them. He's had to take a LOT of shit his entire life, and whenever he finds himself in a position of power over someone, you can guarentee that person will suffer - whether it's a woman, a child, or even a weak guy. Bullies tend to be attracted to crossdressers because they are usually submissive to real men.

I like really masculine men. I am a promiscuous sissy. I love handsome men! I'm so attracted to hypermasculine men! I love guys with lots of muscles, large jaws - I find that the more masculine a guy is, the more primitive he is during sex. Sus! Kissing his sweaty mascles! Sniffing his armpits! His big strong arms! I wanna cuddle completely naked in his big strong arms! Keesing him - LOTS of hawt keeses! Some men are very quiet and deliberate during sex. Others go completely nuts after a certain point of arousal. I like those kind the best! Like when a man grabs you roughly by the arm, spins you around, and yanks the string panties right off your ass, pulling them down your legs and you have to step out of them. You feel him on your back, his hands bulikat your bare buttocks roughly as his rigid cock seeks the hungry mouth of your swollen anus!

Some of the negro inmates set up a sort of strip club in the dayroom and had their caucasian sissies do sets, dancing in the nude on the tables for the negro and Hispanic inmates. The squealing caucasian Queens boogied on the tables completely nude to the music of hardcore rap videos on the television, their pale, white skin with various degrees of prison tattoos, red lipstick on their pouty lips. The horny inmates sat at the tables, feeling the sissies’ smooth, silky legs. If an inmate wanted to touch, he’d have to give the bitch something. If he wanted a nude lap dance, it cost more. If he wanted a blowjob – or a hot fuck – the fairy would bring him to an empty cell to service him. Her black bugarron would collect the money for his juera puta’s service.

Little caucasian faery boy hawt for muscley negro men! Sissy Devin is looking for a big black negro masta to bow down to and serve on his knees!

Pretty little Caucasian homosexual, totally naked, Devin is sitting in his Negro man’s lap, lookin’ SO proud!! And he IS proud! SO proud to show everyone that this big black muscle man OWNS him – proud to be owned by a real man!

Every little cocksucker has a need to show off! And just like a woman, he needs to be with a man he can be proud of. So naturally he’s lookin’ for a handsome man with big muscles! And because he is white, he is crazy about HAWT black men!
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We drove on, acting disgusted about what those queers were doing, but that night, alone, I jerked off and fantasied about leaving my wife and kids and joining them -becoming a queer too. Little did I realize that within 6 months it would come true - that it would be ME out on that same ghetto street on a hot summer night, nothing on but a bikini and high heels and red lipstick, soliciting men for sex, giving blowjobs in the back seats of cars, or in alleyways beind dumpsters, and giving the money I made to my Daddy - the black pimp who owned me.
My black daddy - Jacen - brought me to a cheap motel to do a sex video with another man. The street name my daddy had given me was Chiquita Lopez. They brought this gorgeous nigga into the room. he was naked and looked like a handsome GOD! He was about six foot 3, ALL muscles, covered with gang tattoos, shave head, goatee, and a thick 12 inch cock - hard as a fucking ROCK! His biceps were bigger than my legs! I was only five foot five, and 90 pounds. Some woman named Shaniqua I'd never seen before told me to take my clothes off - "everything but panties and high heels, honey", she instructed. When I was nude the guy she was with turned the camera on, so that Shaniqua could interview me. "What's your name, honey?" Shaniqua said.
I smiled self consciously. "D
Devin - oops! I mean, Chiquita Lopez." I answered, looking at the handsome negro who was standing at the back of the room. He was looking at me too, and stroking his big cock.

"Chiquita, who are you starring with this afternoon?" Shaniqua asked.
I smiled. "Mandingo." I said, as the big black bull walked over to me, his big cock next to my hawt face.
"And you're going to take him up the ass, right?" Shaniqua asked me.
My eyes were wide. "I'm gonna try," I answered, smiling at the camera. 

"No." Shaniqua said. "You're not gonna TRY, you're gonna DO it. Aren't you?"

I nodded. Yeah, I AM gonna do it," I said.

"Why don't you stand up, and show us how pretty you look, Chiquita," Shaniqua told me. I did as she said. I was wearing just some black string bikini panties and some red high heel pumps. I pouted prettily for the camera.

"Ok, Chiquita," Shaniqua said. "Go and introduce yourself to Mandingo."

Oh that big gorgeous nigga! I wanted him SO fuckin' badly! I walked VERY sexily over to the chair he was sitting in, and sank to my knees between his meaty thighs, running my little fruity hands all OVER those BIG HAIRY LEGS!!


Thursday, June 19, 2014


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I obeyed him, wiggling my hips. "That ass does NOT belong on a guy," he said. "Those titties either."
"You wanna fuck me?" I asked over my shoulder. He came up on me his body on mine. His hands were fondling my tits and he was kissing on my ears and neck. I could feel his hardon laying on my buttocks. I reached behind me and squeezed his cock, choking it near the base. I was a little nervous, but I knew that if I ever wanted to feel like a real woman, I had to start sometime.
"I want that pussy, baby", he growled in my ear. There was hardcore rap music playing on the overhead as he put his cock to the mouth of my rectum, and began to push it in. There was a little discomfort as it popped in, but not much. The ANAL-EZE was working! I finally had a cock up my ass! This was all I ever wanted from the time I was 12 or 13 years old - to be fucked by a big, masculine MAN!
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He looked down at me and patted my cheek. "Yeah, that was good, sissy! That pussy was TIGHT!" I smiled to myself. I didn't tell him that he had been the ONE! You know, girls, the ONE you never forget - the man who cherried you! After he left I got fucked 3 more times that night by different men. That was on a Wednesday night. By Sunday I had gotten ass fucked by over 20 men, and then I gave up tryna count them.
The cute Caucasian teen cocked his buttocks up on the motel bed. He was lying face down on the bed, completely naked, and he was trying to get his boyfriend's attention by wiggling his nalgas! He felt Butch's big hand cupping his buttocks and he smiled to himself. He was spread and he knew that Butch had a good view of everything! He gave his lover a sexy anus wink! He laughed silently when he heard Butch's deep voice groan in response, and caught his breath when he felt Butch's thick finger in his ass hole. Butch got on the bed, covering his sissy with his own big body. Kevin shivered when he felt a kiss on his back, and the feel of Butch's hard muscles on top of him. The big negro lay on top of his white sissy and wrapped his big muscles around him. Kevin could feel Butch's big hardon pressed on his buttocks. He knew that he was about to get fuck. Butch raised up and mounted the cute young sissy, his hardon at the mouth of Kevin's naked anus. Kevin wiggled his hips and caught his breath as the plum sized head of Butch's hard black cock pushed into his greasy anus. The sissy whimpered as the big black hardon worked slowly up inside of him - until Butch was inside, his hairy black nuts resting on Kevin's smooth white buttocks. Then Butch began to fuck his caucasian puta, slowly at first but then with increasing ardor until he was slamming - flesh slapping against flesh - the headboard pounding against the wall, accompanied by the sissy's shrill screams. Suddenly the big negro tensed and shouted out in a loud voice as he nutted in Kevin's bare anus, filling the little faggot's guts with his seed. Later, Kevin sat at the dressing table, teasing up his blonde hair, using LOTS of hairspray. He applied some fresh red lipstick to his full lips, his eyes colored with green eyeshadow. He was excited because Butch was bringing him to a gay nightclub tonight - it was tranny night - and Butch told the youngster they could make a lot of money there
So I was on my knees, suckin’ this guy’s cock, and he asks me, “Where did you learn to suck cock like that?”
“I been suckin’cock since I was 12 years old,” I told him. “So I’ve had LOTS of practice, honey.” I told him.
“Get out!” he said. “Serious?” So I made up this whole story about how when I was 12, my mom’s black boyfriend, Junior, caught me in a pair mom’s high heels, some of her lipstick – and nothing else. Instead of being angry he told me how sexy I was and he took me in his arms and kissed me, placing my right hand on the bulge in his basketball shorts. “You ever suck cock, Kevin?” he asked me.
I shook my head shyly. “Not yet.” I said. “But I seen girls doin’ it in porno movies.” Junior took my hand and led me into his and mom’s bedroom. He took the remote and started a porno. It was of a petite blonde girl giving a huge black guy a blowjob. Junior stripped off his tank top and told me to take his shorts off. What a gorgeous black body! All hard muscles and tattoos!
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Later, as we cuddled nude in my mom’s bed, He asked me if I had enjoyed it. “Yes, Junior,” I said.
DADDY –he told me – “From now on you call me DADDY!”
“Yes, Daddy!” I repeated, my face on his bare chest, my nose inhaling the musk from his armpits.
That's the story I told my trick in the booth at Flixxx adult arcade. As I was suckin' him off I'd pause periodically to tell him more titillating details of my life. Like when I was sent to prison at age 17, and turned out by the black inmates as a prison "woman", made to wear lipstick and eyeshadow, and wear tanktops cut and sewn to fit like a tight short dress, shorts and halter tops, and forced to whore for a big black bully, who pimped my white sissy ass out to all the negro men on the cell block!
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