Sunday, September 16, 2012


 Dwayne started hanging out with us when I was 16. He was older than us - 28 - but he came across as someone in his teens. Because he was older than us, guys sort of hero worshipped him - especially me! So naturally I was flattered when he began to spend a lot of attention to me in particular. A lot of the guys were a little wary of Dwayne, because he was black, and because he had been in jail. But Dwayne told me that those guys were hating on him because he was black. He called them,"Playa haters." "That's why I like you," he said. "You keep it real, bro!"

A lot of guys were scared of Dwayne but they respected him, and now they were showing me respect too, because they knew that Dwayne and I were friends I guess I looked up to up to Dwayne, kind of like he was a big brother, and that's why we got so close - most guys would leave when Dwayne wanted to steal a car, but I didn't - at first because I wanted to prove to him that I was "down," and then, as time went on,because I found myself increasingly unable to say no to him. I guess I just didn't want to get him mad at me. After about 6 months, Dwayne got caught stealing and ended up back in jail. He told Marlene, a girl we knew, to tell me to visit him and bring him some money for his books. But you know how it is - out of sight, out of mind.

Two months later I was walking downtown and some of the guys drove by and stopped to pick me up. I got in the car and was delighted to see Dwayne in the back seat. But he was kind of looking sideways at me and, though he was smiling when he asked me why I hadn't come to visit or put money on his books, he had a hard look  his eye. I brushed it off and said something like - "I forgot", or whatever. But I was about to learn that while those kind of glib excuses might fly with the kids we hung out with, it was a different story with people like Dwayne.

We drove to Marlene's house, which is where we hung out a lot to drink and play cards. We were there about an hour when Dwayne came up to me and asked me again why I hadn't kept my promise. I tried to laugh it off. That's when he slapped my face - hard! Everyone stopped talking and were looking at us. Dwayne waited to see how I'd respond. Well, I was in shock. Dwayne was my hero and when we were together I'd do anything not to disappoint him and lose his friendship. Not only that, I was 17 but was built like a small 13 year old. I mumbled something and that's when he hit me again - harder this time. I guess he figured that since I showed no inclination to fight back after that first slap that he could open up on me. I put my hands up as the blows began to rain down on my head. I curled up with my legs up as he beat the shit out of me, until Marlene and Gina grabbed him and made him stop. Marlene gave me a wet towel - my nose was bleeding and I had a black eye and my upper lip was swollen twice its size. Later when the guys dropped me off at home Dwayne held out his hand. "Sorry man," he said. "I guess I lost it. You ok?" My heart leapt. He wasn't angry anymore! Maybe we could still be friends. Maybe I could make it up to him, I was thinking.
The next day I saw him downtown and we began hanging out again as if nothing had happened. Dwayne was extra nice - he bought me a soda and kept apologizing. I knew he felt bad about giving me a beating especially in front of everyone like that. I just couldn't be mad at him. After a few minutes everything was just as it had been before. Some of the guys asked me if I was nuts. "What the fuck is wrong with you?" they asked. "You're hanging out with Dwayne after he beat you up? Fuck him."

But I defended Dwayne and made excuses for him. "It was my fault," I said. "I was supposed to visit him and I didn't. Anyone would be pissed off at that."

Dwayne had gotten a job and rented a second floor apartment. He wanted me to move in with him. I didn't want to because I lived with my mom and dad, but he acted a little ticked off when I said no, and I really didn't want to disappoint him again and lose his friendship. So I agreed to move in. Everything was cool for about a week. Dwayne slept on the couch and let me have the bed. One night I was sleeping and Dwayne came in and got in bed.

"Move over," he said. I felt kinda weird because all I had on was my undershorts, and that's all he had on too. We lay there for awhile not talking. Suddenly he grabbed my wrist and put my hand on his shorts. His dick was hard. I tried to pull away but he was too strong. "Hey, man, come on! I'm not a queer!" I said.
He let my wrist go and took off his undershorts. I was trying to get out of bed, but I was against the wall and to do so I would have to crawl over Dwayne. When I tried to climb over him he grabbed me and pulled down my underpants and put me in a headlock. He pushed my face to his dick. "Suck it!" he yelled. I was trying my hardest to get away and then he hit me and put a knot on my head. He got on top of me and began slapping the shit out of me. I was begging him to stop and he said, "You gonna suck my dick?"
Well, I was right back where I had been a few weeks ago - all beat up - and scared - because no one was there this time to stop him. So I got down between his legs and gave him a blow job. After a while he pulled me up on his chest and kissed my mouth. I began crying and he was kissing me and telling me, "Baby, baby, I'm SO sorry!" he said He kissed my mouth, inserting his tongue into my mouth and suddenly I felt a twinge in my own dick. I was getting horny! Suddenly he turned and got on top of me , kissing my mouth, neck and ears.

"Baby, I'm so fuckin in love with you - don't you know that? I want you to be my woman. My head was swirling as I responded to his lovemaking. "Oh I WANT to be your woman, Dwayne," I sobbed, reaching down and squeezing his cock. "I want you to fuck me! PLEASE! Fuck me?" I begged.

"Go get that tub of vaseline in the bathroom, girl," Dwayne told me. I got out of bed. "Walk sexy, baby," he said. "I want to watch you walk sexy!" I went to the bathroom completely nude and fetched the tub of vaseline.

"Man. you look just like a woman!" Dwayne said, running his hands over my smooth bare legs and buttocks. I had never been fucked before and I was nervous, but the feel of his strong hands on my bare body made me want him more than ever. I knew that tonight was the night that was going to change my life forever. I got back in the bed and cuddled up close to his muscley body and we began making out again. As we kissed he greased up his fingers and began playing with my rectum. "OOoooh, shit, that's TIGHT, baby," he said, kissing on my neck. That pink pussy is TIGHT! Here, girl, grease my cock up."

I greased up his big black cock. "Oh fuck! I KNOW its gonna hurt - but I WANT it! Please...please, Dwayne, don't hurt me, kay?" I was babbling like a nutcase.

"Get on you knees and elbows, girl," he said. "Yeah, that's it - cock that ass up, baby! He ran his hands over my bare buttocks. OoooWEE! Aint a HAIR on that white ass!" he said. He mounted me from behind and put his arms up under mine, pulling me close to him, my back tightly up against his chest. His knee went between my legs, preventing them from closing. I felt his cock up against my anus. "Is it gonna hurt, Dwayne?" I whimpered over my shoulder.

"Gonna hurt GOOD, baby," he growled in my ear in his deep bass voice. The thought of my mom and dad and brothers and sisters - asleep now just a mile away - where I was supposed to be. I know my dad could have got me out of this, but if he could see me know he'd be SO disgusted at what his son had become. Suddenly I felt a searing pain and I screamed out in agony, using every muscle in my body to try to move away from the source of the pain. But I was immobile.

"Ssshhh!" Dwayne whispered. I screamed again and I felt his big hand clamp down over my mouth as he worked his cock deep into my anus - popping my cherry. Suddenly the pain was gone and replaced by a feeling of fulfillment. He took his hand from my mouth and grabbed my tits and began fucking me with long slow strokes.
Now I was in heaven. Is this what it is to be a woman? I asked myself, Is this how my mom felt on her wedding night?" I began instinctively wiggling my buttocks to take his cock deep - balls deep. He was fucking me hard now, his balls slapping up against the backs of my thighs. The feel of his hands on my tits, my legs, his kisses and bites on my neck and ears. Suddenly he tensed and shouted out in a loud voice, and I felt my bowels flooding with his cum. And I was thinking that if I were a real woman I'd probably be pregnant now.

He eased his greasy still hard cock out of my hole and lay back on the bed, breathing heavily. "Clean it up, girl," he said pointing to his cock. I bowed my head and began nibbling the mess off his cock and balls, feeling just like a subordinate, obedient woman - a wife. Then I lay in the crook of his arm, my face on his big chest, and I knew that I belonged to him now - that I was his woman. He had cherried me and I belonged to him. He went to sleep and I lay there, my face on his hairy chest, thinking about how I had changed forever. I was a homosexual now.

In the morning, before he left for work he kissed me and told me not to go out. "No more hanging out with the guys," he said. "You're my girl now - my wife. All you gots do is keep the place clean, cook my meals, and watch tv. Ok?" I lowered my head and nodded submissively.

That night Dwayne came home from work and handed me a bag. Inside were a couple of short sleeved button up dresses and women's panties, some lipstick, eyeshadow, mascara, and a compact. "I want you to wear these from now on." he told me. "Come on, take those clothes off and dress like a woman should. I obediently took off my jeans, undershorts, and t-shirt and put them in the trash bag he held out. Then I put on the panties and one of the dresses. The dress came down a little above the knee. I had some black socks and low rise boots - Dwayne told me they looked sexy with the dress. He told me to roll the socks down all the way. "Yeah, that's wicked sexy!" he said. "Now put some of that red lipstick on those pretty lips." I went to the bathroom and applied the lipstick, using the mirror. I couldn't believe myself how sexy I looked! I did look like a woman!
Later, Dwayne and I were watching tv. I was curled up next to him on the sofa and we were drinking beer. The door knocked. "Whose that?" I said to Dwane. He looked.
"It's Marlene and Gina," he said, unlocking the door. The women came in and Dwayne got them beers. Where's Stevie?" I heard Marlene say, as they walked into the living room. When they saw me their eyes got wide. "OHMYGOD! Stevie - is that you!!? Oh MY GOD!" Marlene said. "I cant believe it! You look just like a girl!! Stand up, honey, I want to look at you!"

"She IS a girl." Dwayne told them. "I done put her up in high heels." The women were amazed at my sudden transformation - Dwayne and I had just been to Marlene's house 2 days before. "Go haid, Stevie, show em how pretty you is."
I smiled self consciously; I had gone to school with these girls - they knew my family! I did a little walk around the living room. The girls were so nice and they told Dwayne they were gonna help me learn all the feminine arts. "First thing she needs is a sexy pair of high heels," Gina said. "Stevie, did Dwayne buy you some bras and panties, honey?"

I looked at Dwayne. He shook his head. "Nah, I ain't bought her none of that."

"Well she's gonna need that stuff, especially some panties." Marlene said. "Dwayne, why don't Gina and I take Stevie to Providence and buy her some panties and other stuff - you know, some high heels and stuff?"

"Yeah, that'd be cool," Dwayne said. He pulled out his wallet and handed Marlene some money. Then he pulled me close and kissed me hard. "You girls have fun," he said, slapping me on the buttocks.

So I went to Providence with Marlene and Gina. We went to several stores and they picked out some bras and panties for me and then we went shoe shopping, When I tried on the high heels the girls were impressed. They couldn't believe how well I walked in them. "Wow, Stevie! You're a natural woman, girl!"

That night I modeled the heels and string panties for my man in the privacy of our apartment. He kept telling me to walk sexy and he was playing with his dick. Suddenly he got up and picked me up and carried me naked to our bed. He fucked me 5 times that night. God we were so horny! We had sex until daylight. It was our honeymoon! Dwayne introduced me to eating his ass hole that night. He loved having his ass eaten out and he told me it happens in jail all the time - that men in jail have sissies like me who service them the way women do on the outside. He told me that if he ever got arrested again that he wanted me to commit a crime serious enough to have me sent where he was - in prison.

A month later Dwayne lost his job. A few days later he told me to get dressed really sexy. He told me we needed rent money. Then he took me to the city. He had bought me a really sexy pair of short shorts - really short, a skimpy black halter top, and a pair of 5 inch high heels.  Marlene had teased my hair up high, with LOTS of hairspray. I had learned to apply makeup - eyeliner, mascara, lipstick - all of that. When I was made up I could easily pass for 25.
We went to an adult bookstore in a really ghetto part of the city. It was about 3 pm. I had never been in a place like that before. The front part of the building was a stirp club and a nude modeling studio. In the back was the adult video arcade. Dwayne paid our entrance fee to the arcade in the back. It was really dark in the arcade, just a few red light bulbs. It was kind of like a maze, with narrow corridors lined with booths. I noticed a lot of men lurking around in there and as Dwayne and I made our way toward the back I could see them following us.

When we got to the far end of the arcade, Dwayne opened the door to one of the booths. I looked inside. It was filthy and it smelled like piss. There were used condoms and paper on the dirty floor. On one wall there was a tv monitor, and on the opposite wall was a bench with vinyl cushioning. We went inside and Dwayne told me to take off my clothes. I obeyed him, stripping off my halter top and short shorts. "My panties too?" I asked him. He nodded.
I stepped out of the black lacy string panties and handed them to Dwayne. He put everything into a plastic shopping bag. Then he pulled down his shorts and told me to get down and suck his cock. I squatted in front of him and began sucking his cock. Suddenly the door opened; a guy was standing there! I stopped sucking and started to get up - I thought we were in trouble, but Dwayne told me to keep blowing him. I began to feel my dick getting hard - just knowing someone was watching got me wicked horny! I had my hands on Dwayne's strong legs, and after a couple of minutes I could feel them shaking, and I knew he was getting ready to nut. Suddenly he groaned and I felt my mouth flooding with his semen. I gobbled it all down and licked his dick clean. I was squatting, completely nude except for my high heels, as Dwayne pulled his shorts back up. I looked - the guy - a young black man was still there. I smiled at him. Dwayne looked at him. "What up?" he said.

"Ain't nothin, man,'" the black man said. He was feeling his basketball shorts, and I could see a huge bulge. "She belong to you?" he asked Dwayne, nodding at me.

Dwayne nodded. "Yeah, she mine," he said. "You want some?"
The black guy squeezed the bulge in his shorts, staring at me. "Go haid, Stevie, feel of it," Dwayne told me. I reached up and felt the guy's boner through his shorts. The black man groaned and felt my blonde teased up hair. "How much you got?" Dwayne asked him.
He reached into his pocket and pulled out a few bills. He counted it. "I gots 18 bucks," he said. Dwayne took the money. "That'll get you a blowjob," he told the guy. "You want mo, you gots to come up with some mo cash."

"This all I gots," he said, handing the bills to Dwayne. Dwayne stepped out into the corridor, allowing the man to come into the booth. "She swallow?" he asked Dwayne.

"Yeah, she swallow it all, my man. Enjoy." Dwayne closed the door, leaving me alone with the trick. I pulled at the waistband of his athletic shorts and pulled them down to his ankles. I couldn't believe how big his cock was - bigger than Dwaynes! I began sucking his black cock and his hairy balls, sucking them into my mouth. He groaned loudly and shot his cum into my mouth. It had only taken less than 3 minutes!

Over the next 6 hours I sucked at least 15 cocks and got fucked 8 times. At 2 am Dwayne gave me back my dress and panties and told me we could go home now. And that's how I became a prostitute. If someone had told me 3 months before that I would be a woman and a prostitute, I wouldn't have believed it. But Dwayne showed me the money I had made him - almost 400 dollars! Dwayne told me that tomorrow night we were going back out. We made love 4 times in our own bed that night. Dwayne seemed extra horny - I guess he was thinking about those men who had fucked me.

We hit the arcade again the next day at 3 p.m. Dwayne said that a lot of guys stop off for a blow job between 4 and 6 pm. After that it slows down before picking up again at 8. As usual Dwayne took my clothes and put them in a plastic bag. All I had on were my high heels. I also had a little black clutch purse, to keep my lipstick, compact, condoms, and lube in. Then Dwayne took off. He told me that it was up to me to get the money from the men. "Don' be givin' away no free pussy," he said.

My first trick was a big strong guy named who said his name was Eddie. He came into my booth and closed the door. He got undressed - completely naked. His body was really solid, all muscle and big wide shoulders. His dick was really hard and big - nice and thick and about 7 inches. I got down and squatted between his big legs. Mmmm, god his dick was hard! I began giving him a nice spit covered blowjob. As I sucked his cock I ran my hands all over his big hairy legs, massaging his big legs. He reached down and pulled me up and began kissing on my face and neck. We made out for a few minutes - LOTS of hot french kissing! As we were kissing I kept squeezing his hardon, and he was playing with my bare tits.Then he put me back on the floor on my knees to blow him again. I sucked his cock and balls. Mmmm! nice hairy nuts in my mouth. He stood and spread his buttocks. I planted a wet juicy kiss on his anus and began eating out his asshole, tonguing and sucking on his rectum.

I was so fuckin' horny I wanted to cum. He loved it when I flicked my toungue into his bare anus! He took a rubber out of his pants pocket and put it on his cock. I applied some lube to my anus, I knew I was about to be fucked, but good. He told me to stand facing the door, so that he could watch the porno on the screen and he came up behind me. He put a finger into my ass hole, then another finger and he began finger fucking my anus. As he was doing that I was moving my legs and I could hear my high heels making noise on the floor, like a mare waiting for her stallion to mount her. Then I felt his dick near my hole. I reached back and held his penis, guiding it into my anus. Ooooh, FUCK! Oh sweet jesus that cock felt sooo fuckin' sweet as it slid deep into my rectum. His big arms went under mine and he grabbed my tits from behind, pulling me close to his chest. He used his powerful thighs to give me the fuck of my night. As he fucked me he was kissing on my neck and bare back. I was babbling filth and whining like a bitch in heat. He was all over me! He fucked me like that for a few minutes, then he eased his cock out of my anus. "Didja cum, honey?" i asked him. He was pulling off the rubber. "No, I want to save my load for later." I was disappointed and I guess my face showed it. He patted my cheek. "Don't pout, baby," he smiled. "I might come back later."

I gave a couple of men blow jobs after he left. About an hour passed and suddenly, there he was, a big smile on his handsome face. He told me he'd gone to the diner and had a meal. While he was eating he was thinking about me and he told me he got the biggest hardon, so he decided to come back and fuck me again. "Thank you, honey," I babbled eagerly. "You won't regret it. I promise, I'ma make you feel real good, sweet man" I watched in admiration as he took his clothes off. God! he had a gorgeous bare body, soooo big and all MUSCLEY! I could feel my anus clenching spasmodically. He sat on the bench, like a big naked god and waited for me to service him. His dick was standing straight up. I squatted completely nude between his legs and began blowing him again. I sucked his cock and hairy nuts, ate his anus out again, massaged his big legs - everything! Everything to make a man happy! Anyway,he was pushing his dick deep into my throat until I was retching. His cock was covered with my spit. "Stand up!" he ordered, his voice husky and urgent. I obeyed him. He told me to kneel on the bench, facing the wall. "What are you `gonna do to me?" I asked over my shoulder.

"Gonna fuck you, sissy" he growled, mounting me from behind his cock pushing into my anus - bareback. OH-MY-GOD! He wasn't using a condom! And I didn't give a fuck either! I groaned in sweet pleasure as I felt that thick slab of meat slide deep into my shit hole.
He grabbed my hips and began ass raping me right there in the booth! I felt like a total whore! I felt like a whore in some asian brothel must feel as some big rough john brutally fucked her. I was thinking about what my mom and dad would think if they could see me right now, naked in high heels, being fucked in the ass by some hot muscle man! I mean, if they could see there son in lipstick and high heels, getting laid by a big grown man! Suddenly he started making real loud noises - "AHHH! OOOOHHH! I'M GONNA cum! OOOOHH SHIT!"

I wiggled my hips. "Come on, daddy," I said, "Come on, cum inside me, plant that seed deep, honey!" He groaned loudly, pushing his pubis hard up against my buttocks, his dick buried balls deep inside of me. I could feel his seed spurting into my bowels. I laughed silently and squeezed down around the base of his penis to milk the semen from him. He withdrew his cock from my anus and I dropped to the floor and sucked his still hard dick clean, sucking out every last drop of cum juice. I knelt on the floor, watching him in admiration as he dressed. When he was ready he patted my cheek. "That was great, baby," he smiled. "Thank you, honey," I said. "What's your name?" "I'm Eddie," he said. "Ok, Eddie," I smiled at him.

"I'm Stevie." He smiled again. "Bye, Stevie." He handed me the money and walked out. I was still kneeling on the floor, stark naked except for my high heels, and I was applying a fresh coat of lipstick, when the door opened. A guy looked in. I waved my fingers at him. "Hi, sweetie," I said. He came in, unzipped his pants and I blew him right there, without another word said. He came in my mouth and left.

About 20 minutes later I was sitting in the door to booth 11, my "corner," when I saw the Bull. This was the first time I saw him, but now he's my regular. He's built like a Bull and now every time he sees me he fucks me. We went inside the booth and we both got naked. His cock is 8 inches and always rock hard. I love blowing him! He likes it when I eat out his ass hole too. I sucked his hard cock, his big nuts, ate out his ass, then he stood me up and fucked me in the ass bareback. he never uses a condom. He fucked me hard and as he was fucking me he kept slapping my bare buttocks - HARD! "Yeah, daddy, I said. "Beat on that ass!" and he did, he beat my ass silly. Then he came inside my anus. "That's it, baby," he said. " I got places to go."

"Did you cum a lot honey?" I asked him as I knelt to suck his dick nice and clean. "I sure did, baby," he said. "I had a nice big load saved up for you." And sure enough, after he left I was squatting to piss into a coke bottle and I farted, and a whole lot of semen ran out of my anus onto the floor. I mean, it was a LOT of cum - both his and Eddie's cum mixed! I squatted and farted the cum onto the floor.

I was standing in my usual corner, next to booth 11, when this big gorgeous Puerto Rican man came up to me. He was wearing athletic shorts and a tank top. he had really big muscles and his arms had LOTS of sexy tattoos. He had very dark skin and negro features. I looked at his big muscley legs and I felt my dick start to harden. He smiled - he was SO fucking CUTE! I almost melted! he cupped my breasts. "Nice tits, sissy" he said in a deep bass voice. "Natural too. Hormones?" I nodded. He took my nipple in between his calloused thumb and forefinger, pinching down hard and twisting. I gave a little gasp and he smiled. "You like that, don't you, bitch?"      
"Yes," I whimpered. "It feels so good, papi." He went into the booth and quickly stripped off his shorts and tank top. I entered the booth and closed the door behind me. He stood there, naked except for jockey shorts as I sank into a nude squat on my high heels. The bulge in his shorts was huge. I hooked my fingers into the waistband and eased his jockeys down, the big erect cock springing straight up. I began flicking my tongue around the head and then took the head into my cock hungry mouth and began giving him a really hot bareback blowjob! Mmmm! His fuckin' cock - the raw meat tasted SO fuckin' good in my faggot mouth! I went down and took his 8 inch cock deep, until it gagged me. The sounds of my retching excited him and he began forcibly throat fucking me, until I almost puked. He reached down and felt of my nude buttocks. "Get up on the bench," he commanded.        
"But what about a rubber....?' I started to say, but he spread my ass and mounted me. I felt his big body - all of those hard muscles on top of me, his hard cock poking near my hungry fuck hole. I reached behind and guided his thick bare penis to the mouth of my starving anus and cried out as the head pushed inside of me. He reached up under my arms, his hands finding my bare tits and he began fucking me with long, slow strokes - all the way in - balls deep - and all the way out to the head. His big strong hands were pinching my tits and it hurt really bad, but i was wiggling completely nude under his naked embrace and he was so big and so fuckin' STRONG that I was a helpless white bitch to him, and he fucked me like that, like I was his helpless white bitch, until he emptied his load of hot semen deep into my whorish belly. I gripped the base of his cock with my anal muscles and milked out every last drop of hot Puerto Rican cum. How sexy is that?       

Next I blew that one muscle man again. He told me to display my ass, so I got up on the bench, 'cause I thought he was gonna fuck me, but he came on the floor as soon as he saw my cunt. I was disappointed and I told him, "Hey, you're supposed to cum in my mouth! I worked for that load!" He apologized and left. I looked; sure enough. There were 3 large gobs of fresh semen on the floor. I got down on my hands and knees and lapped it all up off the filthy floor, with no shame at all! It tasted SO fuckin' sweet! And I was SOOO hungry for sweet cum!
About a half hour later a well dressed, classy looking guy, about 45, came into my booth. I stripped nude to just my high heels and his hands were all over my bare tits. He took off his shorts and shirt and I got down in a nude sqat in just my high heels and started blowing him. he had a 6 or 7 inch cock, slim, but it got bone hard as soon as he felt my tongue on it. I sucked him really good, licking and throating his boner. He said, "Damn! Now I have to go home and fuck my wife." Whyncha fuck me, daddy?" I asked him. He looked. "Ok, is your spit enough lube?"
I reached into my bag and took out a tube of KY jelly. I squeezed out a healthy gob and greased up my anus. I got up on the bench, wiggling my nude buttocks lewdly. "You're gonna love it, daddy," I said over my shoulder. "My pussy is wicked tight!" Seconds later he was mounting me and I reached back through my legs and guided his boner to my hungry rectum. Ohhhh! So fuckin' HARD! So fuckin' GOOD! He sank it balls deep into my fuck hole and began fucking me. I was laughing and babbling filth: "Cum in my ass, sweetie!" I yelped.
"OHH! FUCK!!" He groaned loudly, and I felt his cock spurting into my bowels, filling my guts with hot semen. He eased his dick out of me and I asked him was there a lot of cum in my hole. He said, "Yeah, a lot." I started to get off the bench, but he told me to stay like I was. He said he wanted to take a few pics of my hole. He got his camera out and he told me to push out his cum. I began to push, like I was tryna take a shit, and "SHPLATTTZZZ!" A river of his hot cum splatched out from my bare fuck hole and slopped all over the bench. I could see the flashes from his camera going off as he took several pics of me. Totally fuckin' SEXY!!!
I got down off the bench and squatted at his feet. He handed me some Dunkin' Donuts napkins and I wiped his dick off. He told me that his name is Mark, and that he definitely wanted to see me again - SOON! After he left I licked up all the cum from the bench. Mmmmm! Suh-WEET

Then this one really cute young guy that I've blown several times before, came by. As soon as he saw me he turned and walked the other way. But I knew he was coming back because he always wants me to blow him. Two days before he had been hanging around, every so often walking by my corner. But I ended up leaving early and I remember thinking: 'He missed out.' So tonight he wasn't taking any chances; he approached me and said, "I need you to blow me."
"Ok, sweetie," I said, motioning him into booth 11. But he asked me if I wouldn't mind using another booth that he preferred. That was fine with me and I followed him to a booth over in the corner. He took off his pants and took a seat on the bench, while I stripped out of my black string bikini panties and got on my knees between his big legs. "I just want to ask you," he said. "Are you clean?"

I said, "Yes, honey, I am clean." He seemed satisfied with that, so I took a chance and said: "I could say anything I want, how do you know I'm not lying to you?""Well, I just have to be careful," he answered. So I got busy and sucked that big hard cock until he flooded my mouth with his sweet young cum juice! My next trick was a powerfully built man - obviously a weight lifter. I mean, his arms were bigger than my legs! When I saw him giving me the eye I almost shit. This was too good to be true! This kind of guy is every sissy's dream! Anyway he approached my booth (11) and asked me what I do. I told him I like to suck cock. He came inside and closed and locked the door behind him. I could see that he had a boner, so I reached over and squeezed it. It was really hard! I got down on my knees in front of him, completely nude! He pulled his dick out. Mmmm! It was maybe 6 inches and rock hard! It had a nice upward curve, like a horn. I began sucking him off. I pulled his sweat pants and jockey shorts down to his ankles, cause I wanted to feel his big muscley legs as I blew him. I was feeling his big thick wrists and hairy forearms! He was pushing hard, fucking my head. "Do you want to fuck me?" I asked him, spit drooling from my chin. He nodded, "Yeah," he said.

I slapped a gob of KY into my rectum and wiped my hand on his hardon. Then I got on the bench facing the wall, spread my knees wide, and lowered my head to the bench. This position cocked my buttocks up high and caused my anus to spread wide open. The muscle man mounted me; I could feel his cock near my cunt. I was completely naked and spraddled.

"Put it in," he whispered hoarsly in my ear. I reached back and grabbed his dick, just like a woman. I placed the head right on the mouth of my naked anus. "Go ahead, daddy," I said over my shoulder. I felt him thrust and his hard dick slid right into my hole. He grabbed my buttocks and began fucking me. I was in heaven, babbling, filth spewing from my bitch mouth as I felt his cock inside of me. A big, muscley man, fucking me! A wimpy little sissy, wiggling naked under a real man's domination! I wasn't a man anymore, but a female, a woman pleasuring her man!

Later a man opened the door and looked in. I can imagine how he felt, seeing a nude white sissy in high heels. I gave him a big smile and he came inside the booth, locking us in. I was watching some porno - a big handsome negro was fucking a white woman in the ass. The guy asked me if he could change the video. He flipped around until he came to a vid with a transexual. "Oh!" I said. "You like ladyboys, huh?"

"Yeah," he said. "ladyboys." I looked at him. He was tall, maybe late 30s, really good looking, some kind of latino. he was rubbing his groin. I reached out and squeezed the bulge in his pants. "Mmm!" I said. "Nice and hard!"

He unbuckled his pants and dropped them. Oooh! He had a nice size really hard cock! My fuckin' mouth was watering! I got down in a squat and took his erect penis into my mouth. He groaned loudly in pleasure as his dick slid into my mouth. I began blowing him using lots of tongue and saliva! As I sucked him off I ran my hands over his strong hairy legs, and his moans of pleasure told me that he was enjoying the lovin' I was givin' him. "You like my titties, Daddy?" I asked him.

"Yeah," he said. "You like my cock?"

"Oh I love your cock, handsome!" I told him, taking his juicy penis back into my mouth, sucking and using my tongue all over his cock and balls. Since I been suckin' cock, I can usually tell when a man gettin' ready to cum, so I knew it wouldn't be long.
"Want me to cum on those tits, baby?" he asked

"Cum in my mouth, Daddy - please! - let me drink your cum juice!" I opened my mouth and flicked my tongue lewdly, before engulfing his boner back into my wet mouth.
"Ooohh,SHIT!" he said. "I'm gonna cum, baby!" Sure enough, I felt his cock jerking and twitching in my mouth. he groaned really loudly and I felt the cum squirting into my mouth. I pulled back so that the head of his veiny penis was at the tip of my tongue and as the semen pumped out I tongued nibbled it up from the head of his cock, gobbling up every sweet drop of cum! I sucked his dick dry and planted a big sexy kiss on the head of his big ripe plum!

All night I had noticed this one evil looking black dude kept hanging by my booth and checking me out. He told me his name was Jose, and that he was from the Dominican Republic. He had a wicked thick accent, but he was 6' 2", dark black skin, and LOTS of hunky muscles! His body was covered with prison tattoos. He had a shave head and a moustache and goatee. His dick was fuckin' at least 12 inches, and it was rock hard and curved to the left. He kept calling me "sissy", and "maricon",and "puta."

He came in the booth and he told me to turn around. I was completely nude he grabbed my hips and pulled me onto his lap so I could give him a hot naked lap dance. As I was grinding on him his big strong hands were all over my bare tits and he was pinching hard on my nipples. He kept kissing on my ears, neck and back. I could feel the hard bulge in his sweat pants. Then he pushed me up and he stood. He pointed to the floor and told me to get on my knees. As I knelt on the hard floor I could see him stripping off his sweat shirt. OMIGOD! I almost melted when I saw his big buff torso!

I was squatting on my high heels and I hooked my thumbs under the waist band of his sweat pants and eased them down. Then I did it to his jockey shorts and his big thing sprang up, brushing my lips as it passed. Oh FUCK! My hungry mouth was watering at the sight of this big black piece of meat! Suddenly he slapped my face - hard! He took my face in his hand and squeezed my jaws - HARD - until it hurt. I couldn't say anything because my lips were mashed together. "You gonna do what I say, puta?"
I nodded, and he relaxed his grip. "You got a man?” he asked me. I nodded. "What’s his name? "
"He go by Dwayne," I said.
"Ok. You know what it means when a puta talks to another pimp? Cause that’s what I am – a pimp."
I shook my head. “It means that she’s choosing him – you know – over her own pimp. And so now you choosing me over him. Ima talk to your man and get this straight. But believe me, after tonight, you belong to me. Understand?”
My head was swirling. All of this was new to me and I didn’t fully understand the game at that time. I didn’t realize that whores were bought and sold like cattle. I looked at Jose. I could tell that he could easily kick Dwaynes ass. But if I thought that Dwayne was going to fight for me I was mistaken. When he showed up, Jose confronted him and Dwayne backed down immediately, I watched them talking and I saw Jose hand Dwayne some money. Then he came to the booth and said, “Ok, baby. You belong to him now. He’s gonna bring you to collect your shit tomorrow.”
Then he walked away - out of my life, just like that. I was Jose's woman now. If I thought what I was doing in the adult arcade was whoring, I was in for a real surprise. Jose was about to show me what real whoring was all about.


I am a total feminine white sissy. I want a rough skull fuck! I want to kneel to Negro men and bow my head low to them. I am a dainty little cracker sissy! Nowadays it is the crackers who kneel to the Negroes, and serve them. Shoe's on the other foot now, motherfucka. Skull fucked motherFUCKA! I want a muscley, pissed off  Negro male to slap the shit out of me and use my head for a cunt. I want him to grab my ears and ram his hard cock deep into my throat until I'm gagging and retching so loud the whole arcade can hear me. I want to be skull fucked until he shoots his nasty load deep into my throat. Then, if I puke his cum on the floor, I want him to push my head down on the filthy floor of the preview booth, and make me slurp it up and then lap the floor clean. Oh FUCK!I wanna get skull fucked SO bad! I want him to come in the booth, and when I'm naked and helpless I want him to lean forward and pinch my jaws tightly, and have him tell me what he expects of me - his caucasian sissy!