Sunday, October 9, 2016

Caucasian Sissy Comes Out To His Filipina Wife

       If there's anything more sexy and exciting for a closeted sissy than dreaming about being a woman on your knees getting ready to serve a big black muscleman, it's actually having the balls to go out there and make it a reality. It happened to me! I was married, to a hot sexy girly-girl Filipina. When we got married I was still trying to be in denial about my sexuality, but Terri picked up on what I was early on. She told me later that she made me for a faggot very early on in our marriage  I mean, our sex life was great - mainly because I would be fantasizing being with some macho black man when we were having sex.
     While I had never directly come out to Terri, I had subconsciously – and  - consciously been giving hints and cues for years. Sometimes Terri would prod me to “tell the truth,” and while I came close – always when we were having sex – I would always backtrack later and say that I was just going along with her “foolishness.”

Truth is, I wanted very badly to come out to Terri, but I was afraid that would be all she needed to justify leaving me for good. No one who knew me thought much of me as a man, and people openly asked her what she was doing with me. She would tell me all the time about those comments. She was absolutely gorgeous, a real girlie-girl, while I was as plain as they come and the word “masculine” would not be the word that came to mind when looking at me.
We had neighbors, Nancy and Ted, and while Terri made friends with Nancy – who was Filipina like her – Ted would have nothing to do with me. Ted was a man’s man, he liked football and hunting, stuff like that. Guys like him can sniff out a sissy from a mile away, and they avoid us like the plague. And even though Ted was everything a girl would want in a man, handsome, manly, etc., Nancy said he was a bum fuck and fucked around behind his back with her Filipino boyfriend. He didn’t have a clue though, but I laughed every time I saw him, thinking about Nancy sucking her hawt boyfriend’s cock, while Ted was at home, clueless, watching sports on television. At least I knew what my wife was doing when she went out!
      Right from the beginning, Terri had explained to me that Filipina women are promiscuous, and that it’s not uncommon for them to have a boyfriend even after they were married that was particularly true if they were married to Caucasian men; at some point a Filipina woman has urges to be with their own kind, and they usually will have sex with Filipino men. In our case, Terri had me read the minute she first talked to me. It took her a little while to figure out that I was a faggot, but she knew that I was fundamentally a weakling. After she began dating JJ, she began to suspect that I was gay, because I didn't object to her relationship, and also that I was always asking her about what her and JJ did in bed, and how big his dick was. That, combined with my general lack of masculinity was what made her realize what the deal was with me. A lot of times Nancy would come over and all three of us would hang out.
      We were doing that one evening when Terri got a call. It was JJ and he wanted to know if she could get out. Nancy and I told her to go ahead, that we’d hang out until she got back. Nancy had brought over a couple of bottles of White Zinfandel, so we cracked one and were just talking. Well, I’ve never been very good about being able to hold my alcohol, and next thing you know, Nancy had me blabbing like a brook. She wormed it out of me and I confessed to her that I was a Queen. So between 2 bottles of white zin and an entire box of Kleenix, I told her – everything – about Jay, about sneaking out to the adult book stores – everything! I had never admitted any of this to Terri, now here I was, coming out to Nancy. I was sobbing and begging her not to tell Terri. She promised me she wouldn’t, but I guess I really knew that she would. The alcohol had lowered my defenses, and, the fact, is, I wanted Terri to know! I was sick of living a lie. I realized that this was probably going to be enough for Terri to use as an excuse to dump me. Filipina women will stand by their marriage vows – even though they may cheat – but the one thing they won’t put up with is a husband who is a homosexual. 
      The first time it sorta came out in the open between us all was a couple of weeks later, during Halloween, and they suggested that I go as a woman - just for a joke. I resisted at first, and outright refused. But later, when I was alone, the idea began to intrigue me. I tried to bring it up to Terri later, and when I did I caught her giving me a look and smiling.
Halloween was a few days later, and that afternoon we all got together at our apartment to get into thier costumes. We were all drinking white zin and giggling. Nancy and Terri were going to dress as streetwalkers, And they asked me to do their make up. Somehow during the afternoon, Nancy jokingly put a wig on my shaved head. We all laughed then she put some lipstick on me. I protested weakly and before I knew it I was wearing a tight spandex minidress – supposedly all as a joke! That’s when Terri suggested that I dress up and come along with them. They were going to a club downtown that was known for having Tranny Nights, where cross dressers and trannies and their admirers made up the crowd. Every year they had a big Halloween party, and on that night everyone was welcome – straight, gay, shemale. I had consumed quite a bit of white zin, and I allowed the girls to “persuade” me to go along with their plans. So I sat there on a bar stool while they did my makeup and teased up my blonde wig. “But what about high heels?” I found myself asking. Without a word, Terri went into our bedroom and came back with the red 4 inch pumps I had been hiding in our closet. I blushed beet red. “You mean these, darling?” she said smirking. “Don’t worry, I found these when I was looking for my stuff a few months ago. It’s ok – lots of guys like to dress up!”
      Go ahead, Stevie, try them on!" Nancy squealed, sipping her wine. I looked over at Terri. “Go ahead, honey – it’s just for Halloween. It’s no big deal. People like Justin Timberlake does it all the time on television!” I was still wearing my shorts and t-shirt."Honey, let's try this dress on you," Terri said, holding up an impossibly tiny piece of spandex. It was the sexy mini dress that always turned me on whenever she wore it.
"Do you think it'll fit?" I asked, doubtfully. So with the girls' encouragement I went to the bathroom, carrying the dress and a pair of black string panties that belonged to Terri. To my surprise the dress fit great. Fuck! I looked so fuckin SEXY! Well, anyways, a lot of women - sexy women, like Terri  - have married homosexuals. Clint Eastwood's girlfriend back in the 70s Sondra Locke, had a husband who encouraged her to fuck Eastwood. Later the husband came out as a flaming homosexual. Just like me. I encouraged my wife to fuck other men and then tell me about it, like Sondra Locke’s husband did to her. And guess what my first question to her after each man was?  "Does he have a big cock?" Ha ha ha! It's so crazy and wild to be a faggot! People are now beginning to realize and sympathize that we can't help what we are; we're, as Lady GaGa says - "born that way!"

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