Sunday, October 9, 2016

Sexy Filipina Cuckolds White Husband!!

      Terri went out with JJ! He was a black buff guy who was a local MMA fighter. He drove a black Mustang and liked to wear shirts with the sleeves cut off - to show off his big tattooed arms! All the young blonde girls were on his jock, but he had the eyes for Terri. She kept protesting to him that she was married, but JJ could care less - he had a thing for Asian cunt. When I found out from her about JJ, I was outraged. She told me that he had asked her to blow him. When she saw how pissed off I was, she backtracked and said he was only joking.
       I mean obviously there was nothing a skinny little white guy like me could do about it. I knew that JJ could kick my punk ass anytime he wanted. His muscley arms were bigger than my LEGS! So I talked a lot of shit to Terri, and I know she wouldn't have fucked him if I had just left it at that; she still had some respect for me as a man and a husband at that point. But then when I got horny, I would bring him up and talk about him when we were having sex. 
      She told me later that the first time they had sex was when JJ told her to stay when the others left. He told her he wanted to work with her and show her some holds. He got her from behind in a hold so strong she was helpless to move. JJ told her that the hold was called, "The Rear Naked Choke." He relaxed his grip and released her. When she turned she saw that JJ was completely naked! She told me that he had a totally GORGEOUS hunky body! All hard black muscles, dark cocoa brown skin - and a HUGE hard cock! It was 12, fuckin' INCHES! I'm not gonna lie, when she told me this, I got so excited I popped a nut right there!
JJ told Terri to take off all her clothes. She stripped down nude and JJ put her back in the Rear Naked Choke. This time Terri relaxed in his big strong arms, as she felt his cock near her vagina, and then enter the mouth of her wet cunt. She whimpered, unable to move, as JJ worked that hard black meat, inch by inch into her naked cunt. And he wasn't wearing a rubber! The feel of his huge cock in her tight vagina, plus being held immobile in the muscular choke hold, made Terri feel SO fuckin` SUBMISSIVE! Although she had fucked a LOT of men before our marriage, this was her first black man. Now she knew what women meant when they said, "Once you go black you'll never go back."
      Terri knew that from then on she was going to be a black man's woman - even if JJ dumped her - she would never go back to white guys - and certainly not that skinny excuse of a man, like me! It wasn't just because black men have those big, stiff cocks - although that was definitely a plus - but also because they are so hyper masculine and dominant! Terri is an extremely feminine girlie-girl type, but she is strong willed and can be pushy and bitchy to her husband. She had been with strong, dominant men before, and she had found the sex with them to be the BEST! But she had never been with a male like JJ. He was so masculine that he brought out the total WOMAN in her! Once she told me that she liked harsh, dominant men, because they brought the girly girl out in her. No woman truly likes being the boss, and when they end up with a weak guy they can push around, they lose respect for him quickly.
One night Terri called and said that JJ had asked her to go with him to a local bar for a drink. This is before I found out they had been fucking at his dojo. I told her it was ok - just one drink. I went into our room and masturbated several times, thinking about Terri and JJ having sex.
 Terri didn't get home until almost 5 a.m. She was acting really guilty, and I could tell she was lying through her whore teeth when she told me that nothing had happened. I looked at her panties in the morning, while she was sleeping, and they were crusted with a LOT of dried cum.
The next night, when we were in bed, I got Terri to admit that she had gone to JJ's house and that they had had sex - 5 times! I asked her if JJ had a big cock, and she gave me that look like yeeAH! She held up her arm and told me that JJ's hardon was as big as her forearm. She told me that JJ LOVED getting blowjobs. In our entire marriage, Terri had never sucked MY cock. She told me it wasn't her thing! But now she was suckin' this nigga's black cock, and bragging about it! And I also got it out of her that JJ loves anal sex!

         I picked out a sexy pair of tight butt baring short shorts and a skimpy halter top for Terri to wear on her first date with JJ. I advised her on how to do her hair and makeup, and what shade of lipstick to wear, and a very sexy pair of 6 inch spiked high heels. Then we picked out a pair of sexy hoop earrings and a gold bangle, and a cute little ankle bracelet that had an Ace of Spades charm that signified that she only goes black. Little did we know, but within a month the charm would be replaced with a prominent tattoo on her ankle of the ace of spades, and the words, "black owned," written in cursive underneath. I teased up and sprayed her hair with LOTS of hairspray! She was wearing the cute little Frederick's of Hollywood black silk shorty robe, and a pair of feathery high heeled slippers, as I beautified her.
      Once her hair and makeup were done, I did her nails. I chose a frosted orange color to match her lipstick. About 20 minutes before she had to leave I assisted her to get dressed for the date. We were undecided as to what kind of panties she should wear, or even whether or not she should even wear panties!! After some discussion we decided on a pair of black string, "barely there" panties that wouldn't spoil the effect of the ripped jeans short shorts. Then she pulled on the short and, my God! They looked almost like skin, that's how tight they were! It was so sexy the way they exposed her butt cheeks! Then the bandana spandex halter top and the high heels. She looked in the mirror and said, "Oh my God - I look like a WHORE!" She looked at me. "Is it too much, honey?" she asked, biting a corner of her lower lip and staring at herself in the mirror.
      "Oh NO, Sweetie," I said, my dick hard in my shorts "You look so SEXY! JJ is just gonna LOVE this look! Don't forget, you wanna dress to impress him, right?"
      She smiled at me and nodded her head. "Yeah," she said slowly. "I definitely wanna impress him." She pirouetted and picked up her purse and keys. "Gotta go, sweetie," she said, leaning in for a peck on the cheek. "Wish me luck,: she giggled nervously.
      I was so proud as I walked her to her car in the apartment parking lot, because I knew everyone was watching. I kissed her cheek and she left for her date! With handsome African-American hunk JJ!`
Pretty soon Terri was seeing JJ on a regular basis. She would drive to JJ’s crib and spend the night. After a few weeks they had a MMA event and JJ won! By then, Terri and JJ weren't even trying to be discreet. They were kissing and making out just like a couple. Later JJ invited the members of his dojo over to his crib for an after party. He had a nice place with a pool. Everyone was drinking. Terri was wearing a bikini, and JJ was picking her up and carrying her around the pool, letting everyone know that Terri was his woman! Everyone was talking. After everyone went home, Terri spent the night with JJ. Once I asked her if they used protection, and she told me that JJ doesn't like condoms. So they did it bareback. I told her to be careful and all she said was, "Why? He's clean. And anyway, I'm in love with him."
      But...what about PREGNANCY?? What if JJ made Terri PREGNANT?? "Make me pregnant, JJ!" Terri begged as she lay naked underneath her black lover. "Pleeese, honey - make me pregnant? I wanna carry your baby, honey - PLEEESE!”
Wow, Terri! JJ is so CUTE!  She even got me to admit how handsome JJ is one night. And when I admitted it to her, I felt like SUCH a FAGGOT! And of course I AM a faggot - and everyone knows it! Ha ha ha! People could never figure out what a hot Asian bitch like Terri was doing with a PIECE Of SHIT faggot like me!! Well, it was because she wanted to come to the states. She has good instincts, and she knew when I was scared to fuck her the first night we hooked up that I was probably gay. I could see the knowing smile on her face when I admitted to her that I thought JJ was cute! Terri had suspicions about me being gay from day one. And now that I had confirmed those suspicions, it was a relief to her, because now she felt that it was ok to have a boyfriend. Filipina women are like that - they'll stay with their husband even if they find out he's a queer, as long as they can have sex with whomever they want. After that she refused to have sex with me. One time, when I was bugging her for sex, she had a disgusted look and she said, "Wouldn't you rather have a man on you?" And then she laughed. I hung my head in shame. After that my relationship with Terri was no longer one of a husband and wife, but more like a relationship between sisters or girlfriends. I had always liked women's fashion and cosmetics, and now I would help Terri with her make up and advise her on sexy things to wear - like a sister would do. She would tell me about the things she and JJ did together in bed, and we would giggle like a couple of horny bitches!
      Since Terri had cut me off of sex with her, I had to content myself with masturbating to internet porn, and fantasizing about my pretty little wife, wriggling naked in the buff arms of her black boyfriend! I became seriously addicted to interracial straight porn, and I began to fantasize about what if I was a woman? Terri had this sexy Victoria Secrets black, silk shorty robe that she wore around the house. One night I was stroking my cock naked in front of the full-length mirror, and admiring my soft looking body. On impulse I put on the shorty robe and smeared my lips with one of my wife's lipsticks.
      After awhile it was out in the open, and JJ started coming by our apartment complex in his black Mustang to pick Terri up. He had a deep bass voice - really masculine. My voice was soft; I don't know how many times people have mistaken me on the phone for a woman because of my voice! I remember the first time JJ knocked at the door. Terri was still getting ready, so she told me to let him in. I was trembling in fear and - mostly - from embarrassment! Can you imagine, having to meet my wife's black boyfriend - face to face! I gathered all my courage and opened the door. My knees were shaking from a mixture of fear and embarrassment. I was smiling nervously, but he just looked at me as if I were a bug. "Where Terri at?," he said.
      "She's almost ready," I said. "Won't you come in?" I stepped aside as he entered our apartment. "Excuse the mess," I said, apologetically - like I was the wife!
      He came in and sat down. "Terri! You ready, girl?" He yelled out in that deep voice.
      "Almost, sweetie, Terri yelled from the bedroom. Kevin, get JJ something to drink!"
"Would you like a beer?" I asked him, meekly.
      "Nah, I'm coo," he said.
Then Terri came out, her face flushed. How do I look?" she asked. She had on a tiny little belly baring crop top, the skimpiest, butt baring cut off jeans short shorts, and 6 inch high heels, and a proud smile on her cute face. She looked like a whore! I could see the new tattoo she had on her neck - "JJ" in cursive lettering, And the "Queen of Spades" on her ankle, indicating that a black man owned her. These were her first tattoos, but not the last. Soon she would be covered with tats - just like any other black man's whore.
       And recently Terri had gone to the salon and had her hair peroxided blonde, then shaved to a quarter inch, so that her hair was like a black girl's. She looked SO fuckin WHORISH!
"Oooo-WEE!" JJ said. "You lookin' FINE, girl! C'mere lemme look atchyo ass!" He stood up and she ran to him and he cupped her ass in his huge black hands - right in front of me! And while he was doing it, they both looked at me. Terri laughed and said, "Enjoy the internet!"

Terri knew that I spent my evenings when she was out, jerking off to internet porn. She also knew that I liked to dress as a woman, and had stopped having sex with me entirely because she knew I was gay, even though I still denied it. She'd just laugh when I tried to deny it. What she didn't know was that, for several months now I had begun going to adult bookstores dressed as a woman, where I would solicit men for sex in the private video booths. How many nights, while kneeling bare ass naked on the filthy floor of a preview booth at some man's feet, my mouth full of hard cock, did I think of my wife and what she was doing with her black boyfriend? Or kneeling on the cheap torn vinyl bench, my bare ass cocked high, a man mounting me, his hard cock, balls deep into my gripping anus, did the thought of Terri and JJ float before my face?