Sunday, October 9, 2016

Dear Diary! Oh MY!

Tonight I had 6 men! First was a guy who told me he likes to cross dress. I gave him a really nice blow job and swallowed his cum.
Second was a guy I call the Cuban. I don't know if he's really Cuban or not - he's a white guy with an accent. His dick was rigid and stood straight up and I sucked his cock and balls until he ejaculated into my mouth and I swallowed his cum.
Third was my Bull. As usual, I blew him and he fucked me in the ass and came inside of me.
Fourth was an older guy. I blew him and then he fucked me and shot a load inside of me.
Fifth was a negro. He saw me outside of booth 11 and he was really interested in my look. He told me to turn around and he was delighted when he saw my ass. He took me into the booth and raped me as soon as the door was closed. He had a 9 inch cock and he had it in me fast. He fucked me really good and after about a minute he told me "Oh, baby, don't make me cum", but I kept babbling sexy filth and when he tried to pull out I pushed back until that thick cock was balls deep in my ass and he shouted out as he ejaculated deep into my guts.
Sixth was a really manly guy who was fascinated with my tits. He asked me if I was on hormones and I told him I was. He said he love shemales and ladyboys, and man, he was all over me! He was like a rapist, sucking on my tits, his rough hands all over my ass and bare legs. I gave him a blow job and I sucked his balls for a long time and he was loving it. He told me to stand and I felt his dick on my buttocks. "You want to fuck me, don't you?" I said. "Go ahead and fuck me, I know you want to! Go ahead honey." He sat down and told me to sit on his dick. I did it and when he was inside he stood up and fucked me bowlegged. When he came I laughed to myself because I was thinking that he was the fourth man in a row to bareback my anus! Ha, Ha, Ha!

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tgurl allie said...

Hell yes gurl im an abs whore as well and adore it! We are a rare breed and are truly blessed to be able to take all those anon cocks and cumloads