Sunday, October 9, 2016

My Life In High Heels: Steven's Story, Part One

      To look at me now, standing next to a booth in the adult arcade, My blonde hair teased up high, wearing hot pink lipstick, a 2 piece black string bikini covering my female looking body, and a pair of sexy high heels, you would never guess that I was once a guy who was married to a very sexy Filipina girlie-girl.
      I met Terri when I was 24. We corresponded online for a year before I was able to get all the paperwork together for us to get married and for me to bring her to the U.S. She was always very upfront with me, right from the beginning. She told me that she was a dancer in a nightclub, and that she did nude modeling, and had been leading an active sex life since she was really young. She said that she wanted me to know what I was getting into before we got too deep into a relationship. She even told me that she was currently in a relationship with a Filipino guy, but that she would end it when she left to come to the U.S. I didn’t care; all I knew was that she was extremely hot and sexy – something that a little geek like me could show off.

      Her name was Teresita, but had always used the name Terri. To give you an idea what she looks like, she looks very much like the porn star Lucy Thai. They could almost be twins. Terri’s 5’,1”, and has long black, silky hair. One of her best features are her long sexy legs,and she loves to show them off by almost always wearing shorts or short skirts and dresses.
      When we got married and she came to the U.S. everything was great. We had a crazy hot sex life; I mean, that girl LOVES to fuck! We fucked so much back then that my dick was raw. I actually began to think that maybe I was a real man after all – that’s how a girl like Terri is, they make any man feel more like a man. But as time went on, I began to ask her about her past, you know, about her work in the club, her modeling, even about her past sexual relationships. I always did this when we were having sex, because otherwise I would get so jealous I could scream! Once I came and sex was over, and she continued to talk about her past I would get really pissed off and we’d end up fighting. But the very next time we were in bed, I start probing again, because, the fact is, hearing about her sex life got me really horny!
      And that’s how I learned that she had made a living as a prostitute in the club where she danced. The girls there did naked lap dancing, and they had private booths for the girls to go with their "clients" - that's what the Filipina girls call their tricks - "clients" - if the guy wanted more than just a lap dance. I also found out that her “modeling” was more than just posing for nude pictures; she posed with men, and also had made sex videos in Manila. She was very matter of fact about all of this, like it was the most natural thing in the world.

And it was, for her. She had no shame at all about what she was. She told me that she first began having sex when she was 12. Her mom had a live in boyfriend who molested her. He liked to finger her vagina and get her juicy, then she would blow him.But she told me the fact was, it was her that had tempted the man. She had waited until her mom was at work at the night shift in a sweatshop, and then had purposely flirted with him. One night she came from the shower with only a towel wrapped around her and she was flirting with him, and she sat on his lap in a playful manner. He kept telling her to get off, but she felt his boner under her ass, so she loosened the towel and let it drop. Next thing he knew she was sucking his cock right there in the kitchen. After that she blew him every night until one morning her mom came home and caught them in bed together naked. Her mom was furious and was then just a jealous woman fighting with another bitch, over a man! She kicked Terri out. So she moved in with the family of a girl she went to school with. When she was 14 she got hired at a nightclub and never looked back.
      After we were married for a year, Terri began to joke about me being gay. When I’d get mad, she’d laugh and say, “I’m only joking!” I remember she always used to squeeze my breasts, which were quite prominent, and say, “Wow, sweetie, nice development!” And then she'd laugh.
      My feminine breasts had been a source of embarrassment for me ever since middle school, when we had to take showers after P.E. Once I matured, my body was basically a very feminine one. I have never had any body hair to speak of, other than my pubic hair, and many times my mom told me, “That ass does NOT belong on a guy!”

      As far as my sexual orientation went, I began masturbating every chance I got after going through puberty. So far, so good – right? Not so fast. As I said, where the boys I had grown up with now began to look more like young men, that was definitely not the case with me. I would look at myself in the full-length mirror, and basically see a girl, a girl with a small penis. It was around that time that I was doing that and masturbating, when the idea came into my head to put on some of my mom’s lipstick. I did it and got so horny! So the next logical thing for me then was to step into a pair of her high heels. Then I checked myself out in the mirror and almost popped a load just by looking. Because what I saw was not some little pimple faced geek, but a hot, sexy woman! Once I came, however, I was filled with embarrassment and self-loathing. Maybe I WAS a queer!
      The one thing you did not want to be perceived as when I was growing up was to be a queer. Queers were disgusting weirdos that everyone hated. So I would console myself by rationalizing that I was horny over my own image because I looked like a girl, therefore I like girls! Talk about convoluted logic, huh? The fact is, seeing myself as female was what was really turning me on. But I wasn’t readyto accept that then. So I began about 5 years of trying to fool myself.
      Blondie boy Keven had been hanging around with a bunch of kids who were a little on the wild side. He caught the eye of an older man in his 40s named Jay, who was known to buy booze for the teenagers in town. Jay was a light skinned African-American man in his early 40s. He lived in an apartment over the laundromat. He often had parties at his pad. Keven caught Jay looking at him all the time. One afternoon, when Keven had a little too much to drink, Jay had told the guys to just let Keven sleep it off over there. Later that night, Jay raped him.
      Keven woke up with a completely naked muscleman Jay on top of him. To make it worse, Jay had stripped him completely nude when he was passed out.  Now Jay was kissing all over Keven's nude body, nuzzling on his neck and nibbling on his ears. He could feel Jay’s hardon against his belly. It was big – and really hard!
      Well, they ended up making love. Not fucking or anything, not even a blow job, just making love – kissing and cuddling. Jay told Keven that he knew he was a sissy the moment he laid eyes on him. At first Keven was embarrassed and tried to deny it. But Jay brought out some high heels and lipstick and urged Keven try it on. After that Keven began spending all his free time at Jay’s, and, at Jay's suggestion, referring to himself as, "Keven Jeanne."
Sexy, rebellious sissy boy, Keven Jeanne, sitting in front of the dresser, in just a pair of high heels, a lacy black silk Frederick’s of Hollywood shorty robe, and red lipstick, and applying mascara as an admiring Jay watches. Stevie Jeanne takes a hairbrush and comb and brushes and teases up his blonde hair, spraying it with LOTS of hairspray! His silky legs are crossed provocatively. He and Jay had just finished making love again, and Keven Jeanne was beginning to feel what so many teenage girls had felt – the first flushes of his power as a woman. In the mirror Keven Jeanne can see Jay staring at him. OMG! He has a big hardon! Already?? Keven Jeanne smirks at Jay and continues applying mascara to his long lashes, as he feels his own clit getting hard. He reaches
back, his little girlish fingers grabbing the bulge in Jay's silk boxers - "Oh MY!" he simpers, giggling. He and Jay have been a couple for over 2 months now, and everyone says that they make a really cute couple! Keven Jeanne has completely come out of the closet and has assumed a female persona and identity.
After Jay turned me out and convinced me to move in with him, we moved to San Francisco, away from my mom and the kids I used to hang out with. Jay didn’t want me dressing or behaving in anyway like a guy anymore, and he felt that the guys I used to hang out with might influence me not to be a girl. He didn’t have to worry; once the guys found out what was going on between Jay and me, they were disgusted and wanted nothing to do with me. If anything they would have beat my ass if they had caught me alone. They made a big thing of hating on “queers,” as they called gay people. They ridiculed them and threatened them. I remember the summer before I got turned out; we all went to the city to go “queer hunting.” Basically that meant riding around the gay areas and harassing the queers. There was one well-known area where the sissy boys – the ones who dressed and acted feminine – hung out, looking for tricks. We drove through there one hot July evening just before dark, and the place was crawling with queers. They were wearing dresses, skirts, high heels, and mincing around like they were women. I remember one of them calling out to us, “Hey, honey, come back! I will choke you!” I remember feeling so much disgust and revulsion. But later, home alone in my bed, I jerked off thinking about that queer. Little did I know that one day, I would be out there – a queer myself – calling out to men in cars, just like them.

      The cute Caucasian teenie cocked his buttocks up on the bed at a seedy motel. He was lying face down on the bed, completely naked, and he was trying to get his boyfriend's attention by wiggling his feminine nalgas! He felt Jay's big hand cupping his buttocks and he smiled to himself. He was spread and he knew that Jay had a good view of everything! He gave his lover a sexy anus wink! He laughed silently when he heard Jay's deep voice groan in response, and caught his breath when he felt Jay's thick finger in his ass hole. Jay got on the bed, covering his sissy with his own big body. Keven Jeanne shivered when he felt a kiss on the back of his neck, and the feel of Jay's hard muscles on top of him.
      The big Negro lay on top of his white sissy and wrapped his big muscles around him. Keven Jeanne could feel Jay's big hardon pressed on his buttocks. He knew that he was about to get fuck. Jay rose up and mounted the cute young blonde sissy, his hardon at the mouth of Keven Jeanne's naked anus. Keven Jeanne wiggled his hips and caught his breath as the plum sized head of Jay's hard black cock pushed into his greasy anus. The sissy whimpered as the big black hardon worked slowly up inside of him - until Jay was inside, his hairy black nuts resting on Keven Jeanne's smooth white buttocks. Then Jay began to fuck his Caucasian puta, slowly at first but then with increasing ardor until he was slamming - flesh slapping against flesh - the headboard pounding against the wall, accompanied by the sissy's shrill screams. Suddenly the big Negro tensed and shouted out in a loud voice as he nutted in Keven Jeanne’s bare rectum, filling the little faggot's guts with his seed.

      Later, Keven Jeanne sat at the dressing table, teasing up his blonde hair, using LOTS of hairspray. He applied some fresh red lipstick to his full, pouty lips, his eyes colored with green eye shadow. He was excited because Jay told him that he could make them a lot of money whoring in the booths at the adult bookstore next door, and also up on the road above where hoes strolled and the truckers parked.
      When Keven Jeanne decided to come out of the closet 2 months ago, he never dreamed that he would be a woman and a whore. But here he was, in high heels and butt baring short shorts, selling his faggot ass to horny men, and giving the money he made to his black boyfriend - his pimp - his buggaron! Keven Jeanne would be out whoring until 4 a.m. Then Jay would pick him up and take him back to the cheap motel. They would fuck, go to sleep in each other's arms, and start the whole thing over with a hot fuck in the morning.
      Keven Jeanne loved waking up with Jay's big hardon poking his ass, hawt to fuck! Keven Jeanne would roll over; open his mouth to take his Negro’s kiss.

Then Jay went back to prison and I was able to get away from him and I tried to resume my life as a guy. By then I was 19, and once Jay was gone I gathered up all my girl stuff, my make up, dresses,skirts, high heels – all of it – and threw it in a dumpster. And, except for a few slip ups where I found myself sucking some man’s dick in an adult bookstore, I played it pretty much straight. And that’s when I saw Terri online and we began our correspondence.